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  1. Who furnishes reproduction radiator badges currently. I recall that Harry Pulfer used to do so but Harry is now gone? Can you help. Email hcoker7118@aol.com
  2. We have a complete Atlas engine, less mag and carb for sale. It is a 4 1/2 by 5 engine, date stamped on the engine is 10-9-06. It is a 4 cylinder engine with L3528A cast in the mounting bracked that bolts to the frame, also has A-5 as well. The engine is clean , is musuem displayed in an engine stand. Cleaned and painted. Inquire for photos and questions to HCoker7118@aol.com Trade or cash. Can deliver to Chickasha in March 2010
  3. Does anyone know who the auctioneer was for the Harrah' auction. They might have the purchasers name.
  4. Who has a list of the cars sold and to whom at the Harrah auction and the Holiday Inn auction? Brassnutboyz
  5. Does anyone know who has a list of items sold and to whom they were sold at the Harrah's and the Holiday Inn auction that was held later. Especially looking for some of the Thomas memorabilia that got sold during that time and not given to the National Museum. Harold Coker
  6. Ivan Saxton's thread has a question mark at the end of the sentence about the Around the World Thomas Flyer. It is in the National Museum in Reno. It was shown along with 14 other Thomas Flyers at the Amelia Island Concours a couple of years ago where the largest collection of Thomas had assembled since the factory closed. Harold COker
  7. I believe both pictures are of the same car. I did own an 06 Thomas and currently own a 1905 Thomas. There is little difference in an o5 and an 06. The crank does go through the radiator. The knob coming through the radiator in the top tank is attached to a rod that actuates priming cups when pulled forward act as a compression release. Works well when cranking the cars. Another difference in the 05 and 06 cars is the rear fenders on the 05 curve over and down the rear tire and the 06 flares up as does the picture identified as photo B. Unfortunate we dont have a side view of picture A so we c
  8. I believe one of the Automobiles using the Atlas engine was the American Underslung Scout among others. I have not done a lot of research but believe this is correct. Brassnutboyz
  9. Question? Does the Bosch Magneto have a number or model on it anywhere. Brassnutboyz
  10. We have an Atlas 4 cyl engine complete with exhaust and water manifold, crank, priming cups, no mag or carb. Engine number appears to be A51, it also has number L3528A stamped on the engine. It is clean and in an engine stand in or museum. We would consider selling or trading it if it will help someone complete a car. Send me your email address and I can send a photo. Brassnutboyz
  11. We have a set of door sill plates usuable but not mint for a 1934 4 door sedan. Also have a beautiful with new chrome set of original hub caps with Chrysler Air Flow script for an Air Flow. Brassnutboyz
  12. Have you concluded that it is a Teeter Hartley. If it is a Teeter Hartley, I would be interested in buying it. Is it for sale? Brassnutboyz
  13. Hey guys. Anyone know of an early Marmon engine" Let me hear from you. Harold COker
  14. Thanks, I will contact them Paul. Harold
  15. Hey guys, if you dont need these, email a friend who might need them. Free is hard to beat. Harold
  16. I have 10 New Cylinder castings for a Lathrop engine that I would like to donate to a 501 C 3 Corporation. (Not for Profit). They are not machined. Lathrop engines were used in early motor boats. I have pictures to show if you are interested. Email me if you want photos or call Harold Coker 423-667-0839. Thanks Harold
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