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  1. Bill, we need one pretty much complete . Also think it should have pneumatic tires. Am I correct in that the Highwheeler has solid tires? Brassnutboyz
  2. We are looking to buy a pre-1916 3/4 ton truck chassis. What do you have? Brassnutboyz
  3. Looking to buy a 3/4 ton pre-16 running truck chassis. What do you have?Brassnutboyz
  6. John, do you still have the electric truck chassis. Hcoker7118@aol.com
  7. Krazykats ,did your plater immerse the whole radiator including the core in the tank? DId it NOT damage the core? Thanks Harold
  8. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I have talked to my plating guy and he plans to look at the radiator with the idea of immersing it and reverse the process. His concern and my in doing that is he says that he would have to use sulfuric acid and I am concerned that it woud dissolve the solder in the core and that would be unacceptable. I think I like the idea of muratic acid best.Any more suggestions? Thanks Harold
  9. Help!!!!!! We have a brass radiator with a lot of nickel plating on it. How can I get the nickel plating off without taking the radiator apart? We know one option would be to take the skin off the radiator and take the pieces to a plating shop and have our plater use his plating expertise to take off the nickel, polish the pieces and then we could reasseble. We are trying to accomplish the same result in a shorter time and dollar cost method. What do you suggest. Email direct with suggestions hcoker7118@aol.com
  10. We need a Stromberg brass carb for an early car with a 1 1/2 inch throat. Email direct to hcoker7118@aol.com thanks
  11. They appear to be Houck. I am pretty sure they are not for a Stutz if they are for a 22 inch tire. They should be measured on the outside to outside where the toe of the bead sits to get the wheel diameter. Brassnutboyz
  12. DRB, I have pictures of the brake drums , they are 18 inches across and 3 inches deep. I dont know how to put the pictures on this site but do know how to email from my picture file if I had your email address. I do not have any other Caddilac parts. Harold Coker
  13. I may have a pair. Will check our warehouse today. Harold
  14. See our 1953 Packard Carribean Convertible at 120596138092. Consider trading for a pre 16 car of same value. If interested in discussing call before 10 PM EST at 423-667-0839. Thanks Harold
  15. We have a beautiful 1953 Packard Carribean Convertible on ebay right now, item number 120596138092. It only has 43.000 miles showing and was the Packard Dealers wife's car in Knoxville, Tennessee originally. It is still in mostly original condition. It was in storage for many, many years. We are willing to consider a pre 16 auto of like value or consider serious offers. Call Harold Coker before 10PM EST at 423-667-0839
  16. Don is right on most points he makes. He grew up in Chattanooga and knows his history. Our first Thomas Flyer was the Webb Fire Engine pictured. It was built on a 70HP THomas Flyer Chassis. It took us about 8 years to purchase it after we found it. At the time it was owned by Harry Wilcox who was the son of the first driver of the engine. It was stored in a building owned by the City of Chattanooga at Warner Park. Larry Amsley of Chambersburg Pa built the body ,while copying the most original car known at the time which was owned by Mahlon Patton of Lancaster Pa. At that time Pop Rice, of Pe
  17. For sale. K-W Coil box complete with coils. Good unrestored complete with lid. Send me your email address for pictures if you are interested. Best offer. hcoker7118@aol.com.
  18. Who has some Kelsay Hayes Model A Ford 19 inch wire wheels. Looking to buy a one or more. They are laced up like a motor cycle wheels not welded spokes. Email me at hcoker7118@aol.com
  19. Last time I checked there was a Saxon 4 cylinder engine on the Prewarcars web site. Brassnutboyz
  20. <TABLE class=tborder2 id=post711306 cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD class=alt3 id=td_post_711306>We have a complete Atlas engine, less mag and carb for sale. It is a 4 1/2 by 5 engine, date stamped on the engine is 10-9-06. It is a 4 cylinder engine with L3528A cast in the mounting bracked that bolts to the frame, also has A-5 as well. The engine is clean , is musuem displayed in an engine stand. Cleaned and painted. Inquire for photos and questions to HCoker7118@aol.com Trade or cash. Can deliver to Chickasha in
  21. Standard Catalogue of American Cars confirms that there were at least 5 different Bowman autos made. The one you refer to was built in Covington Ky in 1921 and 22 as you have already found out. They were unique to most manufacturers as they built their own engines , (4 cylinder) they offered roadster and touring cars and were 108 inch wheel base. Catalogue says that the car did make the automotive press but for some strange reason a picture of the car did not appear in the local newspaper. They sold for 1045 in 1921 and increased the price to 1185 in 1922 and then quietly deparated the sc
  22. Hey guys, any body have an owners manual , original or copy for our Columbus electric? Email me at hcoker7118@aol.com. Thanks Harold
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