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  1. I noticed the lack of announcements this year too. I always wanted to meet the announcer too as his voice has been a part of Hershey every year since I started going in the mid-80's. I was on race car row behind the stadium when the national anthem was being played and the whole area came to a screeching halt until it was over. Still lots of respect back there...
  2. How about more food vendors that sell after 4 PM? There are still a few but most are closing up shop long before suppertime. Nobody eats dinner down there anymore?
  3. Why no mention of so called "power enhancing" or fuel saving devices like the magnets on fuel lines or the intake inserts like the Tornado air management system?
  4. The Starbucks in the adjacent Hershey Outlets should have free WiFi.
  5. I saw the airplane! There was a vendor in the chocolate field with a nose landing gear for a small plane. I wonder if anybody was there looking for a nose gear....:confused: The all show chrome and sparkle red snow blower was interesting too. Every year I'm amazed at what turns up at this meet!
  6. My best highlight for the last two years... The pizza guy at the end of the bridge! Not only does he make some of the best pizza (We have lousy pizza shops around here) but he's open well into the evening. After every other food vendor is long gone, he's still up and running. Another evening-related thing that I noticed this year was that a number of vendors remained open later and others were still hanging out and socializing well after dark. It was nice to see that again. The last couple years were disappointing after 5 PM. The place looked like a ghost town even though everybody is on well-
  7. Too early to tell. Central PA weather people don't have a clue as to what's going to happen 6 hours from now, let alone next week. I think they just look out the window and guess. Right now they're calling for partly cloudy with a chance of showers for the beginning of next week.
  8. Hey! I'm in this picture. I'm the guy in the blue hat standing by the white EZ Up.
  9. On a sidenote, I believe the owner of the car pictured on the new PA plates is a member of these forums.
  10. Aerial photos at the bottom of the page... Hershey Region AACA: Fall Meet Maps & Information
  11. I liked the soda can idea on the nearly silent electric carts and scooters. Just about everybody using one had some form of this concept in use last year. Some were quite creative too...:cool:
  12. The purple tags are still legal to display on an antique vehicle and in use today. Wouldn't this present a problem with purchasing one secondhand? :confused: The sample ones shouldn't be a problem. I see those from time to time...
  13. I'll be there all week wandering through the flea market looking for bicycles and British car parts...
  14. Some of my best finds were on Tuesday.
  15. I use Bounce dryer sheets, Irish spring soap (or the cheap stuff the Dollar stores sell), and a tiny Hav A Heart trap baited with peanut butter crackers under the car just in case. I don't know how well the soap works as my dad used it in his cars last winter and when he removed it in the spring one of the bars had little teeth marks in it.
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