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  1. Well Joris, This is to me the most fascinating aspect of the hobby,discovering a long dormant relic languishing in some barn or garage,and what could be nicer than a champion from Molsheim?
  2. I forget exactly who it was.Willie Willock or Austie Clark who told me, "If there are few examples of a particular car left there is probably a very good reason for their disappearance". A statement I wholeheartedly endorse...........
  3. I am surprised that no one has added the early '80's Caddies equipped with the underpowered and hastily conceived 4100 engine, they would flatten a cam, shred a timing chain and warp a head at the slightest provocation.
  4. It is indeed a rare and desirable item but nowhere in your ad or your post do you mention it's size? How big or small is it? 8x10,11x14,6x9?
  5. Probably over-cooled. '15 Stellite which was thermo-syphon {no water pump Vern} ran consistent 195degrees. Vauxhall stays at 185 driving,195 idling, Horstman 200. I had a Nash 980 that was happy at 165 bone stock,the Essex was prone to boil over on account of a milled head and a paper thin rebore for "power"{one of my mistakes} If everything is clean and free and there is no smoking, loss of power or boiling over simply accept it. You cannot apply modern standards of temperature regularity and performance to such an old design, no matter how well"restored"because all we do to these early cars
  6. Could be the engine is missing at idle or under load, let us not hope it is not missing completely or someone will have to find replacement I guess.
  7. Exactly my point Bob. Gerald, put it up on ebay and let the market decide,it's a very rare and valuable item even though it seems somewhat beat. There are plenty of people who will try to lowball you or bluff you into giving them a favorable price so they can make good on it, don't listen to them. If you need advice on how to describe it in an ad Bob and I have much experience with ebay and would be glad to help you.
  8. I've got some air friction carbs but they're all aluminum,post a pic why don't you?
  9. The guy in Illinois? would he be in Northbrook? How much did he offer you? Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. The horn's got the right clip-held bezel but is lacking the screen which was soldered to the aforementioned bezel. Pretty damn complete even without the tube and bulb. Find someone to put it on Ebay and I'll eat my chapeau if it doesn't go for at least 450-600 US dollars. Anyone out there agree? Bob, Chris, Larry?
  11. Might want to post a pic of this busy image, Isn't that hard to do. Then we can see what's in question and hopefully offer some ideas.
  12. He might have the second series,or fast four which is different in certain details. I believe they have an internal oil pickup. Either way I'd check for a restriction before establishing if the pump is at fault.
  13. No, silly. You're thinking of Csestibius of Athens who invented the first car, the "autoperipatetikos" in 133 b.c. Only problem was the impossibility of refining olive oil to a high enough flashpoint, had to wait until the 19th century for that.................................
  14. So, to make it more specific nothing happens when you turn the key?no click, grind, or anything? help us out here.
  15. Have you pulled the oil pickup screen from the left side of the oilpan and checked it? disconnect the oil line and remove the 2, 1/2" head cap bolts and pull it out,this is the most neglected part on old Dodges and I've seen more than a few gummed up ones.
  16. Pardon me, I'm getting less sharp as I get old. Does she turn over at all or just NOTHING when you flip the key?
  17. I remember it,great original shape, ran pretty quiet too.
  18. Did this car come from the Frank Dorsa auction a few years ago?
  19. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I even sold a Nash once! </div></div> I suppose you are correct. However your process of logic makes me into a fool as I even BOUGHT a Nash once!
  20. Offerings like the above simply make the REAL untouched originals that much more valuable.
  21. More like 1902-03. Perhaps a De Dion-Bouton 6CV 1cyl.
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