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  1. Was parked in the middle of the highway and run over by the striping crew.
  2. Suggest you buy at least one more than you need. They are plastic and I broke one during my installation. Easy to do.
  3. All interesting reading: And Daniel, that was something that I hadn't heard of. My question is would salvage due to hurricane show up on either.
  4. I sold my Reatta in DeKalb IL, and talking to the new owner, he took it to FL to retire in Ft. Myers before i did. Doesn't seem fair. There was a small Buicik Dealer in Sycamore IL, where the owner had one, and several were sold. I still see abouit 2-3 per year around here. Tom T
  5. FYI: I took delivery of a new Ford LTD around 90. While new, it had overspray. We put together that it had been dropped off the delivery truck. Probably damage to such a vehicle wouldn't show in records.
  6. My 89 was as quiet as my Honda Accord 06. I also had a TR 6. Nothing at all like that growl
  7. Don't have my Reatta any longer, but I remember another forum which had window stickers that you could print, which had the mileage ratings. I had one, but it went with the car. I know that they were free.
  8. As a former Reatta owner, the brakes were never a major issue for me. The one thing to keep in mind is that mechanics that don't know the system tend to throw parts at it In later Reatta ownership, I found an old stand alone Buick dealer who knew the cars, but more importantly read every thread from here relating to my car.
  9. Barney: Can you tell from the label in the slide show what color it was originally?
  10. Hate to admit that I kind of like it!! Speaks to the fact that if you have a new vehicle, there is nowhere near as much room in the wheel wellls as on a Reatta. I'm amazed that much wheel could get in there. But the space is now filled. Hey, it's got 16 ways.
  11. Had the same issue: Just switch to Economy setting till you get it checked. Don't have a Reatta anymore, but remember that one.
  12. For what it's worth, and this is fairly inexpensive to try. I used Lexol Conditioning and cleaner (may be wrong as I don't still have a bottle in the garage, followed by Lexol Restorative. In Chicago, which you aren't, but you may store your car for a period of time, I would do both at the beginning of storage, and then follow up with restorative every couple of weeks while it was in storage. Maybe a coat of restorative in season, followed by the same procedure in winter again. I also went to a "cobler" and picked up a matching color for the seats of polish. After the pre-winter cleaning, I'd
  13. Was thinking abaout the sub frame as was the case in Manikmechanics car and detailed elsewhere here. Tom T
  14. One of these will hit at the right time some day. I know I sold m 89, but this one makes my mouth water, and I have a customer in Woodinville. Tom T.
  15. Nothing could be cuter than to have a car in pewter, but I never did. Tom T.
  16. Sadly, in semi-retirement, I had to get rid of my 89 Coupe last year. I still follow the threads, and noted 142 on line today. I've never seen a number like that. Kind of makes you think they started making them again. Anyway, best to you all and this has been, and will continue to be a great forum. I've had several conversations with the purchaser of my Reatta, referring him to Jim Finn etc, and always suggesting he join. Hope he does or has, what a tool. Tom T.
  17. a great striper is alot like a great stripper. I had my TR-6 done by a guy who looked like he'd been smelling a lot of paint, but wow what result. Tom T.
  18. wmptom

    Buick Reatta

    Don't think that way: I sold my mint 89 coupe for $7800, with 60K. I still stay on line so that says something. If I saw an 91 convertible in really good shape, I'd take it into retirement with me. Tom T.
  19. Probably shouldn't have worried as much as I did, as the owner knew he had worn brakes and a full load, so he downshifted accordingly. Tom T.
  20. Was on a trip with a customer last week near Tucson. Highlight of the trip was a trip up Mt. Lemon. Well over 10K ft. I found out on the way down that the 03 Tahoe, I believe was close to out of gas. It beeped, and the yellow light came on. At the nearest station we had 2 gal. Question is what would happen going down a (big) mountain if he ran out of gas? Also the brakes on the car were pretty old. Was I getting nervous about nothing? What would a Reatta do? Tom T
  21. This often happened on my previous 89. Even though I had checked refrigerant, until I saw true warm weather, the light came on. There was nothing wrong. As I remember, there is a dangerously low warning as well that turns off the compressor. This never happened. Tom T
  22. I believe Reatta falls in this category. Find the best one you can, where everything works. Unless you are a talented at home mechanic. I passed on my first 89 when I heard a thump when I started it. I had a local mechanic check, and he found broken motor mounts, or whatever. Mine was perfect. I bought it for $7,500 and sold it for same. Look for one where it all works. I lost no money and had great car for several years. If I dared in retirement, I'd look for another!!! Tom T
  23. wmptom

    Early Reata

    Just to state the obvious here: Reattas were only made between 88-91. As mentioned anything else would be unusual to say the least. Tom T
  24. But probably most important, when looking in the Yellow Pages, look under Lawyer.
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