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  1. Was parked in the middle of the highway and run over by the striping crew.
  2. Suggest you buy at least one more than you need. They are plastic and I broke one during my installation. Easy to do.
  3. All interesting reading: And Daniel, that was something that I hadn't heard of. My question is would salvage due to hurricane show up on either.
  4. I sold my Reatta in DeKalb IL, and talking to the new owner, he took it to FL to retire in Ft. Myers before i did. Doesn't seem fair. There was a small Buicik Dealer in Sycamore IL, where the owner had one, and several were sold. I still see abouit 2-3 per year around here. Tom T
  5. FYI: I took delivery of a new Ford LTD around 90. While new, it had overspray. We put together that it had been dropped off the delivery truck. Probably damage to such a vehicle wouldn't show in records.
  6. My 89 was as quiet as my Honda Accord 06. I also had a TR 6. Nothing at all like that growl
  7. Don't have my Reatta any longer, but I remember another forum which had window stickers that you could print, which had the mileage ratings. I had one, but it went with the car. I know that they were free.
  8. As a former Reatta owner, the brakes were never a major issue for me. The one thing to keep in mind is that mechanics that don't know the system tend to throw parts at it In later Reatta ownership, I found an old stand alone Buick dealer who knew the cars, but more importantly read every thread from here relating to my car.
  9. Barney: Can you tell from the label in the slide show what color it was originally?
  10. Hate to admit that I kind of like it!! Speaks to the fact that if you have a new vehicle, there is nowhere near as much room in the wheel wellls as on a Reatta. I'm amazed that much wheel could get in there. But the space is now filled. Hey, it's got 16 ways.
  11. Had the same issue: Just switch to Economy setting till you get it checked. Don't have a Reatta anymore, but remember that one.
  12. For what it's worth, and this is fairly inexpensive to try. I used Lexol Conditioning and cleaner (may be wrong as I don't still have a bottle in the garage, followed by Lexol Restorative. In Chicago, which you aren't, but you may store your car for a period of time, I would do both at the beginning of storage, and then follow up with restorative every couple of weeks while it was in storage. Maybe a coat of restorative in season, followed by the same procedure in winter again. I also went to a "cobler" and picked up a matching color for the seats of polish. After the pre-winter cleaning, I'd apply the shoe polish, and they build up restorative. Can't say my seats were terrible to begin with, but the effect was very nice. Just make sure to rub in the polish well, and then cover, or your pants will match the interior. I did that once. Of course test in an inconspicuous place.
  13. Was thinking abaout the sub frame as was the case in Manikmechanics car and detailed elsewhere here. Tom T
  14. One of these will hit at the right time some day. I know I sold m 89, but this one makes my mouth water, and I have a customer in Woodinville. Tom T.
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