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  1. I think it all depends on from where to where it will be shipped. Semms any of the major carriers will ship a car for you, at their standard rates. Flat bed or enclosed depends on why you are shipping, I would think. If an in-between car that can withstand weather and possible chipping damge, open OK. If in pieces or a top show car, enclosed is the best to go. I thik you should post more detils as to where and car condition, and you might get more response. John
  2. Tony, If that one does not work out and you are interested in a '70 225, Dipl Blue with Black vinyl top, 4 door sedan, I just learned of one here in CT that could go for about $2,000. I promised they [people to settle an esatae I would post it and photos and should get them ready this weekend. Needs some work but is registered and one family owned since 1970. Let me know, or you can, or anyone, can do privately at j.scheib@comcast.net John
  3. Has anyone in Texas considered askin the King Ranch about bringing their Buick to Plano? It would have nice to see it and some of thos eother "special bodies" in Flint - maybe for 125th? John
  4. I just wanted to add a few comments about Matt's work, both the car and writing. I think a series of articles on restoration overall would be good. Unfortunately, it would probably mean he would not be able to simply transfer some material from his wrting on his website (meaning more work for him), but the website would surely serve as a reference for all of the computer literate BCA members. I found the web site most interesting and I could sit here and probably stay up all night reading, but I know now how to get to the site and will be reading more later. I look forward to reading the articles in the Bugle and it would certainly stmulate some responses if others have comments about certain suppliers and techniques. I had someone else do much of the work on my '32 so I can appreciate the work gone into this restoration (stuff I had been hesitant to try, but might now, as I am eager to start another project)yet alone taking the time to organize the photos and write the text. And for Matt, it looks like the '41 may not be done for Plano, but I certainly hope we see it in Batavia in 2005. John D. Scheib Assistant Director - Yankee Chapter '32 57S and as of Sunday '68 Riv
  5. jscheib

    New Member

    Welcome, Hope you enjoy your new Buick, and we can get a new convert and BCA member. Too bad you missed the 100 year celebration. I just bought my second ('68 Riv). Didn't intend to, but just had to have it. John
  6. The previous writer provided you with excelent sources. The Bugle (asume you are or will become a BCA member) also list technical advisors for various cars. However, I believe you are interested in your Roadhawk, for which none seem listed. I think you will hear from others regarding this subject. Good luck. John
  7. If you look below, I think he has another car for sale that talks about a vinyl top, but the photo is a convertible, unless I am looking incorrectly. He also mentions home is Concord, CA. John
  8. I imagine you know the real trick to Pinewood sucess. Use emery paper on the metal axles - I do not think that is against the rules. If it is, my son and I are past the statute of limitations for his trophy. John
  9. Did anybody else check and see the white Wildcat conv. he is also selling? Does anybody have any comments on it. I am not much of an expert on this age car, but that one looks very good too, and seems well worth his asking price. I would welcome any comments, as I am considering a bid. John Scheib '32 57-S Asst. Director - Yankee Chapter
  10. In addition to Roberta's comments, I would offer the suggestion that you contact the Buick Club of Germany, who has an address on the links in the left column. They might be able to help you with registration problems, as I do not think there are many members of the Buick Club in Italy, withg a few in France. (Someone borrowed my 2003 Roster of Membership, so I am using that from 2001, which is not up-to-date). In the '70s I lived three years in Belgium, and met many fine people at Old Timers meets, evenm though I could not always understand the communication. I would say, good luck with your new acquisition and I suggest you feel free to post questions on this site, as you restore/improve the car. I also hope you have or will join the BCA, and the Bugle Magazine should also help you with the effort. John D. Scheib Hartford, CT
  11. I have an interest, but we found a similar car, apparently not in as good condition, a bit less in price and closer. However, the owner of that car is away, so I am not sure where that stands. So, bottom line, I do not think your car will last long, so I will be back in touch, as this think locally progresses. I am in CT. John D. Scheib
  12. That last is a good question - however, I was not all that impressed, was hoping to hear about a good car on the horizon, not another up scale Saturn van/wagon. So this latest news is good. John
  13. Looking for a reply to my previous. I do not see your e-mail address on the original posting, or profile, so cannot respond that route (unless I am missing something). John D. Scheib
  14. Being in CT, not too far away, Looking at the 2 dr, I have an interest in these cars. I am now working toward purchase of a newer '70s or '80s, that I can drive. I have now a restored '32 and am thinking about some sort of 50s Buick as a project and these may be it. Let's stay in touch and see what we can do towards the spring. You can e-mail me a j.scheib@comcast.net, maybe with some pics of the 4dr. John D. Scheib
  15. Good question. As the Assistant Director of the Yankee (CT) Chapter, we are faced with a similar situation. For one, I would suggest that you certainly should put together an annual show, if not done. To do that, you need the first thing - a bunch of good people that can get along together (and I have found most Buick owners are), and willing to share the load. We try to get together at various other shows, traveling together, taking some driving tours, etc. But trruthhfully, I think the biggest reason we have seen some growth was the Centennial celebration. This seems to have stirred renewed interest in long standing members and getting some new ones. We also tried to expand a relationship with chapters in nearby states, and are trying to rotate Regional meetings. I also get inquiries on a frequent basis through our website link to BCA. Perhaps we can share more later. John D. Scheib Yankee Chapter
  16. Thanks for info. I will pass it on, and I am sure a new BCA member will appreciate our interest in all Buicks. John
  17. Can anyone help a new member in our Yankee Chapter that does not have e-mail. When he called to join our chapter, he had this question. Will a '50 Super dynaflow fit a '49 Super. I would appreciate your help so I can relay to this individual. My expertise is older cars. Thanks. John D. Scheib j.scheib@comcast.net
  18. Because I am loking for rear wheel hubs for a '32 Buick, 50 series, I will be checking with others on this, but I suspoect the wire wheels are larger than the 50 series. The width sounds about right, but there are many near the same. Let me know if anyone can identify what this was from. John D. Scheib
  19. jscheib

    31 BUICK

    I have some interest in this car, and will call later. Any chance you have some photos which you could e-mail? Regarding the reference to the newer engine, do you mean it is installed in the coupe, or extra and does the sale include the original engine? Could you let ne know. John D. Scheib
  20. Where are you located. I can recommend one shop that did work on my '32 sedan (in CT. It had most everything it needed, but I have a few bits and pieces to add. I am close enough that I could provide some advise and they would have my car as a model (of sorts). You can corrospond with me directly, rather than this site, if you like. j.scheib@comcast.net
  21. What are some of the other mechanical parts you have?
  22. I sent you an e-mail to ask if you had a rear brake drum as part of those mechanical parts. Let me know. John
  23. I just read this looking for parts. Those that had their car apart, or whatever, should know I saw at least four cars that were about "dragged" onto the show field and out, I suppose just so they could have the plate, so it does not seem fair to those, or anyone who spent time and money to have extras sold. If anyone from Buicktown reads this, I think any "extras" should be destroyed or kept well under lock and key, unless BCA ever feels they need money for some very, very special project. That is my opinion. John
  24. I think I sent you an e-mail before. Is this car still for sale? I just damaged a rear drum/hub after an extensive renovation, so maybe a parts car is not a bad idea. Let me know. John
  25. Is there any chance you have a rear drum/hub for a 50 series. After extensive retoration, we found this still a problem and now my car is "resting for the winter" a bit early unles I can find one or have the existing remachined. If you have none, maybe you know of someplace. I already checked with Mac. John D. Scheib, CT
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