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  1. There are a lot of folks who would be very interested in this. It's a nice beginner hobby car and they are drivable and reliable as it is. So please post a price and let the games begin.
  2. I did not make it to Hershey, but I used to be a member of replicar/kit car club. There was a company called Samco that used to make Cord replicas. Seen them with Mopar and Ford power. I am sure there are some around. Mike
  3. No offense taken. Anyone who doesn't develop an increased pulse rate seeing that car, must simply be dead. It is gorgeous. You must be very proud of it. Mike
  4. Here's a question. has anyone ever had one restored? I know there are some of the folks from the plant still active in Milwaukee. Anyone had work done by them? have work done someplace else and delighted with it? Anyone ever restored one and considered marketing it is Europe where they do Excalibur tours? As you may have guessed, I have a pile of parts sitting in the garage that used to be one... Thanks, Mike
  5. All I can say it what a beautiful car this is. When it is up and running, can you let me know where the line forms for rides? Hope it goes back on the road soon....Mike
  6. Mkulina

    1937 Pontiac

    Congrats and many miles of Happy Motoring to you...
  7. Just wondering whatever happened to this car? Thank you....Mike
  8. You may also want to consider listing the car here: Shay Model A Roadster They seem to move a lot of cars through those classifieds. The Shays are a lot of fun and an easy way for the unskilled to enjoy the hobby. I won't tell you how exactly I know that. Happy Motoring, Mike
  9. Nope, they are analog ones, not the digital ones. But I did check the mileage, it was 112,000km or someplace close to 73k miles. Regards, Mike
  10. I have a 1985 Riviera Convertible that I need to sell. It's fairly solid, although it was a Canadian car at one point (metric instruments.) It is the typical maroon with a white top and maroon leather. The car is one of 47 turbo convertibles, ao you will have something unique for your efforts. It will crank, but not fire, I believe the fuel in it has gone bad. I would like it to go to someone who will repair and drive the car. We don't participate in any car related activities and it's just taking up space and collecting dust in our garage in Jacksonville. Let's put a number of $4,995 on it and see what happens. Thank you, and happy motoring, Mike 904-401-9528
  11. Gentlemen.... You may want to consider placing those ads here instead: For Sale / Wanted Ads Of couse, you may want to reconsider and just wash the dust off and drive those guys someplace. I am frankly mechanically challenged, but I had one years ago. It was a blast. Happy Motoring... Mike
  12. Did you ever find your Riviera? I have an 85 Turbo one that I need to sell. It is complete,, but has been sitting. It was a Canadian car originally, but is in Jacksonville, Florida now. Regards... Mike
  13. John, have you looked here? For Sale / Wanted Ads Hope that helps... Mike
  14. Can you please tell us where the car is located. Thank you...
  15. I know someone else has had the joy of this. I got busy and neglected to start my '85 Riviera sitting in the garage for about a year. Now when I jumped it off, there isn't enough fuel pressure to open the injectors. I'm assuming it has gummed things up pretty well. I'm going to drain the tank, and replace the filter. But how do I go about cleaning out the injectors and the lines? Is there something I can attach to the Schroeder valve by the injectots and work backwards from there? Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Mike
  16. Greg: Never listen to your wife, you know that...Bill and all the folks who put the show together would love to hear from you. Besides, these are some of the most knowledgeable and approachable diehard gearheads you'll ever meet. In other words, you'd have never gotten out in less than two hours. And it would have added just that finishing touch to a wonderful day. It's difficult to describe how cool it's been to be a part of something that takes our passion and directs it to such a worthwhile cause. Did anyone catch the Meguiar's Award show on SPEED? The gentleman honored as the "Volunteer of the Year" was George Phillips, a fellow who has dedicated literally thousands of hours of his time to the Amelia Concours. It was heartwarming to see someone who recognized, who is truly a hero in our community. See you all next year. Happy Motoring , Mike
  17. As a very proud Amelia volunteer, I would like to thank the authors above for the compliments on the show. We are delighted to be a part of such a spectacular event. And we are simply in awe of the people who restore, display and maintain the vehicles we see each year. For those who missed it, shame on you. We offered a chance to see steam cars in action, to examine a Futurliner, to meet Johnny Rutherford, to examine Can Am technology and to see a horse mounted on a Rolls Royce advertising soda. So what did you really do this weekend that was really more importantt than that? That's okay, everyone's entitled to a few mistakes...You can make up for it by getting there early next year. Just bring the camera, the sunblock and brace yourself for a preview of heaven. Happy Motoring, Mike
  18. Can't take the suspense. I have to ask what the selling price is for the car. I'm not in the market, but it's so pretty, I just stop here every day to look. Thanks & Regards, Mike [color:\\"blue\\"]
  19. I forwarded the pictures to your e-mail address. I wasn't able to post them here and didn't want you to think I was ignoring your request. Regards, Mike
  20. Back in '85, Buick assembled about 50 Riviera convertibles with the 3.8 turbo. I have one with 119,000 kilometers on it. It is a decent driver, not a show car, and I was wondering if anyone can help me establish a value on it. We may be buying a home and the car may be have to be put up for adoption. Thank you, Mike