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  1. Hello I have a 57 Olds and want to get the auto transmission rebuilt, I live in Anderson Indiana and can't find anyone who will do the job. Do any of you recommend some place I can ship it to or take it to? SID
  2. I was changing the plugs in my 57 Super 88 and noticed that the upper shock mount has broke on the right side and I can't see how to fix it, so I can reinstal the shock, the shock mount does not bolt on it's part of the frame or at least is's riveted between the frame, so if any of you have had this happen to your Olds sure would know how to fix it. The mount metal is so thin it would be hard to weld and make it stay. I am at a loss on this one. Do they make a replacement part for this? Sure hope one of you can help. FAT40
  3. I need a 1957 olds engine vent tube. Thank You---Fat40
  4. I am interested in buying front bumper brackets for 1954 Ford. Thank You--Fat 40
  5. How many of the Super 88 2 dr Hard tops did Olds make in 1957, I have tryed to find out and have not been successful and was wondering if any of you know? THANKS-----SID
  6. Packard42 Do you have a e-mail or web page address for the sites you gave me . What does PAC stand for ? Please bear with me I am new at this. THANK YOU----------FAT40
  7. Thank you for the information , I will check out all sites . Fat 40
  8. I need a drivers side outside hood latch for a 1941-110 . Fat40
  9. I am rewiring a 54 Ford that had the wiring taken out before I got the car, need a wiring diagram for the light switch, sure hope one of you could send me a copy of the wiring for the switch . THANKS--- Fat 40
  10. I want to replace the under hood insulation pad on my 57 Old's and need to know what glue to use for this? THANKS---------FAT40
  11. Thank you , I am new to this car did not know the 110 and the 120 were the same so thank you for the information . FAT40
  12. Thanks for the information on the overdrive question, it is really apprecaiated . FAT40
  13. I am looking for a tail light lens for a 1941 Packard 110 Business coupe . Fat 40
  14. I have just purchased a 1941 Packard 110 business coupe with overdrive , I don't have a owners manual to tell me how to engage it , I have noticed a pull out knob on the bottom of the dash that goes to the overdrive unit , I am guessing that when the knob is pulled out that the unit is engaged , at what speed does it come in to play ? Thanks for any help . FAT40
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