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  1. I had a 1955 Ford Crown picked up in N.J. and delivered to my home in Spencerport N.Y. The company used a one car enclosed container hauler. They do haul from here to Florida with both open car haulers and closed container. I was very satisfied with the company and people at the firm. It is family owned and they try very hard to please. I am sure they would pickup your car in Pa. The charge for my car was about $500 but that was last August before the gas increases and they had to go to N.J. empty to pick up my car. Their company is: DIDAS AUTO TRANSPORT, 8289 Sackett Rd., Bergen, N.Y. 14416 585-494-1910 John
  2. Brassbus: I got my card today and I got same spaces I have had since they put me on the blacktop where the car corral used to be. C4S 21-23 John
  3. I am looking for a Y-Block Intake Manifold #ECB-8426-B. Could anyone tell me what year Ford this Intake was used on? Thanks John
  4. Go to this web site, it may be helpful. It is connected with the Department of Revenue in Pa. I know when I first started I was issued a temp. number but I forgot by who.
  5. I also have not received my card yet. My check has been cashed. Makes a person nervous doesn't it. I am going to check with my neighbor to see if he has his yet. I'm going to start keeping a record of when I do get the card for future reference.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to Carlisle this next month (April) and maybe find something there. I also go to Hershey every fall as I have a spot there, but it's hard to get away to walk around. I do have the program from last year but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have thought of the liability as the buckels will have to be cut from the ones I have now and sew them onto the new material. I'll have to find someone with an industrial sewing machine. Back in 1958 when I had a 55 Ford and running the roads trying to outsmart the state troopers and local police I used to take my belts out and wash them in the bathtub with Chlorox to keep them white, I'm glad they were never needed. They probably would have fallen apart and I wouldn't be writing this e-mail.
  8. Does anyone know where I might find Safety belt webbing. I have searched the web sites, local fabricators, material shops, Snake Ole (sp), I have even purchased samples from a supplier on the internet. I am looking for 1950's Ford type belt material. What I would like is about .090" thick X 2" wide and WHITE in color. I am not sure of the material composition.
  9. Heidigirl: Thanks for your info. I'm off to the auto store. Now that I have smoothed out the small dents I can finish the job. John
  10. Randy: Thanks, interesting. I guess I don't want argent. John
  11. UBB7-ML-286752-ML- Moved to Tech Questions forum. PJH
  12. 1955 Ford v-8 2bbl carb. I am trying to find out what color or shade silver is used on the air cleaner. I was told it may be Argent Silver, what is Argent Silver? I only need enough paint to paint one air cleaner. I would like to be able to use spray can paint. Any suggestions sure would be helpful.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I didn't think about the Co. being bought out and maybe under another name. I'll start looking. Thanks again. John
  14. I have a Henderson Air Lock Tire Changer, Model AF-S, AF 14198S. Does anyone know how to assemble the Air Mechanism at the bottom and are parts available for the air mechanism. It was mfg. by Big Four Industries, inc., Cincinati, Ohio. John
  15. Hello Frank: Thanks for your info. on the cylinder head. It's Cast Iron and measures 25 5/16 X 7 5/16. Thank you, John