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  1. i have just located a lincoln 46-48(not continental) have not seen it yet but thinking its in bad shape.. oregon weather and its been sitting out. probably a parts car but i do know its complete. whats it worth fo parts no sheet metal rust has probably got that. any help is appreciated. thx ricko
  2. Rolf dont remember if you ebay but heres a link and and if you hit view sellers other items he has some glass and other 41 parts. happy hunting ricko 41 zephyr
  3. seems like awhile back we had a conversation re owners who could not or would not even change their own oil!! i am not one of those for several reasons. i am not rich, i enjot the work,and it keeps me in the garage out of my wifes hair. any other suggestions i am too old and already married to marry money.
  4. Well i finally retrieved the original v-12 for my 42 zephyr, only problem is i cant figure out where to start. I bought the car about 23 years ago and the engine was already crated. the oil indicator floats but says its a quart low, not bad after soo many years. i am looking for suggestions as to how to approch this one. by the way dont have any idea why the 12 was pulled and the caddie v-8 was installed.
  5. close as i could find. mrmerc@drtel.net
  6. In the June Hemmings Special Interest Autos magazine there is an artical written by a Tin Howley. Looks Like he is a member of LZOC<LCOC. I enjoyed it and thought I would make all aware who would be interested. and once again Jake Flemming gets his name brought up. ps its Doug Mattix's car.
  7. Rolf fyi there is a carb on ebay
  8. Look like another custom!! if its running why pull it and sell it otherwise. motor link on ebay
  9. Well this has been beat fairly hard but what actually is the car worth restored, not what we would want restored but what the market would pay??? My wife promised me she would dress me up in a nice dress and take me out in my 42 when i lose my mind, but how would I know and would I care.ie i wont sell.
  10. well it would be and act of love for stock, here is a gold book quote and at $6000 start that doesnt leave much left. 1937 LINCOLN Zephyr Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show COUPE 3P 267/110 V1213,500 18,000 27,000 33,000
  11. ditto to aces response and in addition do you think the local Lincoln dealership will pay for a expensive paint job for my 42 in exchange for putting it on the show room floor for a couple months (winter)???????????
  12. found a spec for axel clearance this is the spec for 46-48 front is 7.5 inches the rear is 8.1 inches. you guy are good the approximation was dead on. ricko
  13. Let me start this post by saying that i do have a chassis manual, i do not have a body manual yet. My question is are the window crank handles ths same for 41 and 42. thx in advance. ricko
  14. It will be my first one if I can get my car road worthy for such a trip. ricko
  15. I have a 1942 3 window or is it widow coupe. Interior is all original 2 small rips but fading. the v-12 is in a crate in ????? state. restoring for my pleasure and driving. staying original as far as i can afford. see pic
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