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  1. Looking for electric car or electric project car for sale
  2. I will need original pictures or ads of Model A Crestmobiles, years 1900-01. If your have so would contact for me seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi. Seppo
  3. I wanted Horseless Carriage Gazette Volume 10 Number 2 (years 1948). My email seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi Seppo
  4. Thanks Mike, I'm interested all books and parts for the this type Crestmobile of course. Send me prices for them and your email address to my email seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi, if have possible. Best regards Seppo
  5. Wanted all pictures and brochures for Model A Crestmobile. This type has been made years 1900 and 1901. All other informations have interested too from this type Crestmobile. My email seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi Seppo Asikainen, Finland
  6. I need front and back bumpers for my Lincoln Premiere 1957. Good conditions. My email: seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi
  7. I need horn switch for my 1916 Studebaker! Email: seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi
  8. I need for my Studebaker 1916 Touring top systems and hood. Car is forty and series 17. Email: seppo.asikainen@ameplan.fi
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