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  1. Does anyone have the dimensions/template of the trunk carpet for the 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan? I thought I saw a detailed article on it in the Way of the Zephyr in the last few years but I cannot find it. I have the other details from the authenticity manual with respect to material, color, etc. I'm inquiring for a friend of mine who does not have anything to go by. I have a 40 sedan as well with carpet but my car is in storage and I can't get to it to measure.
  2. In case anyone is interested, I did manage to complete my oil pan cleanout project. It took me longer than I thought but part of that time was trial and error in figuring out what I was doing. If I ever do it again it won't take me nearly as long. Anyway, it's all back together and I'm waiting for the spring to get the car out on the road again and have another season of driving enjoyment.
  3. Thank you, I will try these tips out as well!
  4. Thanks guys, I have some more work to do! I waited until the end of the driving season up here in Michigan to do the work and I'm glad I did because it might take me a little longer than I thought. Luckily I won't be doing it on a 95 degree day, more like in a 55 degree heated garage. I did remember to drain the oil too! LOL!
  5. For the first time since I've owned my 40 sedan, I'm attempting to lower the oil pan and clean out the sludge. I figured it would be a fairly straightforward job and for the most part it is..all bolts out, including that pesky one on top of the starter. A few bangs and prys here and there and it broke lose and that's where it stopped as I can't get it down and out. Do I need to take off the exhaust cross member that goes under the pan? Thank you for your help in advance.
  6. I will be 38 next month. I've been in the LZOC since 1999 when I bought a fairly orginal 40 sedan from a friend of mine's grandfather. I still have the car and work on it whenever I get the chance. I've tried to attend a few of the GOF's whenever I can and I've met most of the guys that have been with the LZOC for a long time. They have been very kind to me and have offered all kinds of knowledge when I've asked for help. As for the future of LZOC, I would love to be a part of it but my biggest problem is that the cars are just so expensive these days. I would love to have another Zephyr or two but the costs of a good example are beyond my reach. Nevertheless, my sedan will keep me busy for years to come. I hope the LZOC can generate a new generation of Zephyr lovers that want to honor the tradition of these great cars.
  7. If you are interested in the fenders, feel free to make an offer. I would entertain any reasonable ones that come my way.
  8. One More. If you want to see any angle, please let me know. E-mail me at materal73@gmail.com.
  9. There was a 38 sedan for sale on Ebay through a classified ad for $8,900 this past week or so. It was in Brunswick, OH. I went over to look at it if anyone is interested in some perspective on it. I did not meet the seller in person, maybe they are on this forum or have posted something about it.
  10. Or if someone is interested, I can send pics and you can make an offer.....
  11. In searching for some advice on my ongoing fuel pump issues, I ran across this thread. What is involved in replacing the fuel pump pushrod? Does it require removing the intake manifold?
  12. I have two sets of 1949 front fenders for the Series 70 Roadmaster. One set is NOS or NORS that I purchased some years ago. They NOS pair is very solid but do not include the part that welds on to the lower edget that sits in front of the wheel. The trim holes aren't punched out either which someone told me was because these were meant to repair a car and the trim holes would have been drilled later to make sure they aligned. When I bought them they were both in factory primer but I stripped one down at one point to start working on it but never got very far. The other set is a used set off a parts car. This set is pretty solid but has some filler on them that someone put on to smooth out the ripples and dents. I don't think there is any filler there for rust however. I think if they were stripped, a body expert could probably make them look fine. I'm in the Detroit Metro area and I would prefer pick up only. I don't really want to ship them. I will help deliver them within an hour or so from where I live. For the NOS pair, I'm asking $500 and for the used pair $250. I can provide pictures if anyone is interested.
  13. PRICE REDUCED! Taking the advice of all that have commented on this project and offering it as is for $1,200. I had it on ebay a couple times over the past few weeks and didn't get much interest. I would like to offer it again to someone in the Buick community that will put the parts or car to good use. The car is in Canton, MI which is between Ann Arbor and Detroit. A trailer or flatbed with a winch will be needed to get it. I am posting a few more recent pics taken in the last few weeks.
  14. I will probably end up doing something like that. Thanks Jake. I have some decent parts, I think the car is worth more in pieces than as a whole!
  15. For any of those in the BCA who are interested in this as a parts or project car, let me know. I will either start parting it out in the spring or put it up for sale as a project on e-bay. The list of parts is still accurate that is on here plus a few more that I have purchased since I posted it. If you just want the car itself and the parts that came off it, I would sell you that or if you want everything including the extra parts I have purchased, I would sell as a package.
  16. Bryan, thanks for your honesty and input. It is appreciated and hopefully the Buy/Sell Police won't arrest you. It's too bad that these cars don't bring more. There are so many good parts on the car that you could easily take it and use it to restore a more valuable two door or convertible. I guess I could part it out but I always hate to see that happen to cars that are pretty much complete. I'll probably continue working on it as it gives me something to do, especially in those long cold Michigan winters. If anyone is reading this that is interested, I would still entertain offers. Throw something out there to me, I'm fairly open.
  17. Hi BJM, sorry, I don't understand your post. Can you clarify?
  18. Car is still for sale. I will entertain offers if anyone is interested. This would probably be a good parts car unless someone wants to really get into it and do a total restoration. I have done a lot of work on the front end over the past few years and cleaned up and painted a lot of the parts. Everything is there that was on the car including the extra parts on the list. I was hoping to sell as a package. I have some decent NOS parts that are altogether probably worth half of what my asking price is.
  19. Here is a parts listing of what I have for the most part. All these parts are in addition to what is on the car or was on the car which also goes with the sale. I have a few more misc. parts that aren't on the list but these are the ones I categorized. Buick Parts Inventory.pdf
  20. <HR SIZE=1> <!-- google_ad_section_start -->Putting some feelers out there to guage interest in a 1949 Buick Roadmaster four door sedan (70 series) project car that I have. The front clip is disassembled and I'm in the process right now of getting the front suspension back on the car so I can get the front wheels back on. At this point, it is not a rolling chassis but it should be soon. From the firewall back, it is pretty much intact. The engine is still in the car and has not been removed or rebuilt. I have had the car about 7 years. Bought it with intent to restore but got into it and realized it needed much more work than I had the time, money, or expertise to do. It was complete however and when I started digging into it, it appeared to be original. The main problem it has is body rust. The floor pans up front, rockers and body braces need body work. In terms of parts, the car has plenty of good ones and if it ended up being a donor car, it would be a good buy just for that alone. I have a lot of NOS and NORS parts too for it. Notably, I have two NOS front fenders. I stripped one of the factory primer paint but never got around to painting it. In addition, I have two used front fenders that need some body work. The two front fenders that were on the car had some rust so I acquired these others as replacements. All together, you would have three sets of front fenders more or less. Mix and match to get the best I guess. I have two used rear fenders too, again, they need some straightening but they are rust free. In addition, I have an extra used front bumper which is in good shape with no rust but needs rechromed. All the brightwork in general on the car needs redone. I can send a list of the rest of the parts if someone is interested. I accumlated them over the last several years. I have pics too and so if you are interested, I can send a bunch. The car is located in Canton, MI (Zip 48187) If I get the front suspension back together, you would still need a flatbed to haul it on to for transport. You would probably need a van or pickup too for the misc. parts like the extra fenders and loose items. Price at this point is $5,000 for the car and all the parts. I would like to sell as a whole lot, hopefully to someone in the Buick community that would make good use of it all. E-mail me at materal73@gmail.com.
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