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  1. can someone help me out ? please answer to hfl at gmx .de thanks
  2. right now in zurich, switzerland looking for armrest and the ornamental strip for driverdoor and frontside. br
  3. hello everybody,, some one an idear wher to get the golden ornamental strip for the driverside of the 1990 black in golden colour ? best regards flo, europe hfl at gmx.de
  4. Hello to everyone again does someone know, if the le baron door fix the TC ? just talkin about the door itself, not the interior mouldings thank you for your information! best regards flo
  5. hello to everybody, as a private i have hurrable problems with getting a permission for a private transport of a original tc-door with its length. does someone have an advice how to get a door to germany from Leesville? does someone is interested to fly with a payed onewayflight to europe, germany and take the door to the plane? Is hurrible that it is not easy to bring a door here to germany. UPS and the others are not doing any private transportation of such a "big" package. Do you have an idear? best regards flo hfl@gmx.de
  6. searching for a complete driverdoor black / interior ginger for a maserati Tc 1990. please send me a good offer including shippingprices etc. to: Europe, germany, 53173 Bonn. best regards flo hfl@gmx.de [color:"#666666"]
  7. Dear friends! Greetings to all of ! i am really happy to found this homepage and the club! Yesterday i survived. But the truck crashed my driver door, and window. Please give me some help that i dont have to miss my lovely car here in Germany, Europe Days are grey in the moment cheerio flo [color:"#666666"]
  8. Hello! i`m looking for a driver-door and window do you have something for me : hfl@gmx.de best regards flo
  9. hello everybody, i heard, that there exist a film within the tc is shwon several times ! If you knwo something about this, please let me know hfl@gmx.de many thanks
  10. if you are interested to help me with please send me an email hfl@gmx.de best regards
  11. hello everybody! i am looking for your help with a certificate of your alu wheels. also for the original, as well for bigger wheels! would be happy to hear from you best regards tc black 1990 Germany right now i have the originals and for summer the 7j15H2 225 50 VR 15 from AAG please send an email to hfl@gmx.de
  12. thank you very much for your answer! the windscreen is broken
  13. hallo tc-fiends. my window(front) is broken . so i need a new window and i m not sure if it is the same than chrysler le baron or which type or size i need. i hope it will not be to difficult to get the right window here in germany. can you give me an advice ? best regards Keanu Germany Munich
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