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  1. I actually kinda enjoy roasting myself over that particular type of fire.....
  2. Yep, that Hot Pink Invicta does tend to catch one's eye. No air brushing needed there. On the other hand, that '87 Regal kinda scared me....
  3. I will back-up MrEarl, and make sure he doesn't make any mis-judgments....
  4. From the album: Buick

    1964 Buick Electra 40 engine
  5. From the album: Buick

    1964 Buick Electra convertible rear view
  6. From the album: Buick

    1964 Buick electra covertible front 3/4 view
  7. Sweet. Very, very Sweeeeeet! Nicely done postng!
  8. From the album: Buick

    Route 66 in 1958 Buick sales catalog
  9. "Now if I can just get her to wear something in Gulf Turquoise on her next visit..." Better yet - Just let me know what color she wants to wear next, and I will paint my car appropriately. If it needs to be a '55, then I can go and buy one of those, and paint it!
  10. From the album: Chevrolet

    1925 Chevy Roadster
  11. Does anyone know where I might buy a large AACA decal, as for the side of a car trailer? I know I have seen these, but don't find them "For Sale" on the AACA web-site. Thanks! Don W.
  12. Thanks for that info, I had heard that somewhere else, too. Now all I need to do is find one of these fine cars for sale, so I could welcome that problem!
  13. Hi, folks- I want to buy a 1909 or 1910 Buick Model 16 or Model 17 Touring Car (includes demi, toy, surrey, etc). NOT a Model 10. It needs to be complete, ideally an older restoration. Ready to travel anywhere to pick it up (well, anywhere in North America, anyway). Any leads greatly appreciated! Don W.
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