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  1. Are there any guys out there that handle obsolete bearings? Couldn't find a bearing guy at Hershey. I'm working on a 1914 Chevrolet Baby Grand, and the pinion bearing is destroyed, inside the torque tube. It's a strange, double-row ball bearing 1-1/8" bore, 3-1/8" OD, 1-3/8" thick. I assume it is a thrust bearing. I can make out a New Departure number which is 711161 (or maybe 711151) but it is obsolete for too long, nothing crosses over, and coming up empty on internet searches and talking to modern bearing companies.
  2. I also thought the Dynaflow article was totally outstanding, and very much to the point of Buick history. A well written article like this is a real pleasure to read. We've all heard about the Great Fire of '53, but to get to SEE the fire (first time I ever saw those photos), and the resulting product changes at the other GM divisions, and what it took to accomplish them, etc, etc is great stuff! A very dramatic and historically important event. First rate material. Don Williams BCA # 10272
  3. Chevrolet first called the 1914-16 "Model H" touring car the "Baby Grand" (and the roadster version of the same car was called the "Royal Mail"). When the little 490 came out as a 1916 model in the summer of 1915, the Model H became by default the "big" Chevrolet. It was slightly larger than a Model T, but certainly not big by comparison to other brands. In 1917 the H Model was discontinued and followed by the Model F which was slightly larger yet, with wheelbase increasing from 106" to 108". This "big Chevrolet" Model F continued using the Baby Grand and Royal Mail names for respectively the touring and roadster bodies. In 1918 the Model F became the Model FA (with a larger engine)and the Baby Grand name was no longer officailly used, but continued in common useage at the time by the public, who had become used to thinking of the small Chevrolet as the 490, and the big Chevrolet as the Baby Grand. The Model FA became the FB which ran until 1922, when Chevolet consolidated into a single model deriving from the 490.
  4. OK, she's on eBay. The Item # is 4629349773. Go have a look, and give it a shot. Reserve is well below what is stated above! Thanks.
  5. Going on eBay in the next day or two... will post a link when I get it there. Or, make me an offer I can't refuse now!
  6. Beware that the fan shroud is different on a A/C versus non-A/C car.
  7. OK, so you guys said that before Christmas was a bad time to try to sell this baby. So, now it's March, and income tax refunds are coming. Let's try it now..... She is available again.
  8. I actually kinda enjoy roasting myself over that particular type of fire.....
  9. Yep, that Hot Pink Invicta does tend to catch one's eye. No air brushing needed there. On the other hand, that '87 Regal kinda scared me....
  10. I will back-up MrEarl, and make sure he doesn't make any mis-judgments....
  11. Tell her to give it to you for Christmas......
  12. Yeah, Bryan, those trees co-operated real well out in front of my house last month. Except they don't clean up after themselves. A while after those photos, they just threw those leaves all over the place, and didn't pick up a one! Just like kids. MrEarl, I think you may be on to something here! I'll tell you what, you organize it all, collect the money, and pick 'er up... but who's buying the gas?
  13. Well, Sixpack, I'd be glad to hold her until Spring with a decent deposit... You're right, I would miss her, I really enjoy driving this elegant old beast!
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