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  1. Check the wires to your battery -- I had a similarly sounding problem this spring. About every other day my battery would be worn down just enough that the car wouldn't start. While disconnecting the battery I noticed a few specks of white fall out from the end of the wire jacket. Apparently the wires just past the terminal clamps were heavily corroded. I used a wire brush (no pun intended) to clean them up, and the battery (and car) has had no problems starting.
  2. To those of you who have bought replacement headlight assemblies and aren't too ashamed to answer... How much did you pay for a replacement headlight? I've seen ebay auctions go higher than $500 for a single headlight. I always knew they were expensive but damn! My headlights are badly damaged and have been since I bought my TC. My set of TC America lens protectors are probably the only thing holding together the driver's side lens. Anyway, I'm going to need to buy a new headlight soon. ( I just don't want to bend over and grab my ankles any more than necessary. XD )
  3. I had a friend of the family paint my hard top black (originally "exotic" red) shortly after I bought my TC. (The top was noticeably faded compared to the rest of the car and two shades of red looked hideous) I've never had any regrets.
  4. I recently installed a boost gauge in my TC. Has anyone done this, and if so what type of pod did you install it to? I'd like to mount it on the A-pillar but can't find one specifically for a TC (go figure). I heard that maybe one for a daytona would work. Any suggestions?
  5. Went to a reputable muffler shop the other day that a friend reccommended, they told me a 3" system might not work because of the space available at axel-kickover pipe, and a 3" pipe might be too close to the gas tank. They would however replace the old exhaust from turbo back with 3" stainless if possible or 2.5", eliminate the cat and install a nice magnaflow muffler with dual tips, making it look (almost) completely stock for $350. Also, yes the downpipe is 2.5", but after the cat, the pipes become 2.25" and as I mentioned just before the axel-kickover bottlenecks to a 1.875" as mentioned on "The TC Pages" (Yes, I was able to measure the pipes when my car was on the lift to confirm this).
  6. I called FWDPerformance.Com today, they instructed me to buy their Spirit/LeBaron exhaust (downpipe, cat, catback pipes) which seemed to contradict what was on the TC Pages performance section, where they say to order a system built for a Daytona and shorten it. Now I'm even more confused...
  7. Nice, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks Larry!
  8. This may seem like a stupid comment, but you said you unlocked the levers near the windshield, right? What about the levers on each side beneath the "portholes" ? I've been guilty of forgetting them once or twice myself. Also, (another stupid comment I'm sure) make sure your windows are rolled down when attempting any raising/lowering of both the hard and soft top.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to unleash some extra power by installing a less restrictive exhaust system in my '89 TC. Has anyone here replaced their stock exhaust with a performance system, and if so what system did you use? I've heard that a Daytona mandrel bent system can be shortened to work in a TC, but I haven't found much other than that. Does anyone know how complicated this process is? Ideally I'd like to have a 3" system. A buddy of mine volunteered to help me install it once I get my hands on the parts, but have no idea where to begin. Could anyone set me off on the right path?
  10. I've got an '89 TC with the factory radio still in it, but it died on me, so I thought I should join the 21st century and replace it with a cd deck. My only concern is finding the correct wire harness for my car. I've gone to a few car audio websites looking for the correct part, but the TC isn't listed. Has anyone replaced their stock radio and if so, what wire harness did you purchase? My gut tells me a Lebaron wire harness would suffice...
  11. Where can I find a cold air induction kit for the 2.2 Turbo II SOHC?
  12. Where exactly is the air condenser relay located on the '89 Chrysler TC by Maserati (2.2L Turbo II Auto)? Also if anyone has a wiring schematic, would it be possible to scan me a copy? Thanks, Matt Wilson shmouse@comcast.net
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