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  1. Thanks for the link, I never knew that site existed…the 522 didn't show up there either.
  2. this code popped up in my history of codes.. what is it?
  3. My daughters mother in law works for a glass shop, so I asker her to look up a windshield for my Reatta, she said $2000 and none are available.
  4. The purple wire is on the plug going into the transmission, not the park/neutral switch. Ill check it as soon as I can..
  5. Today I started replacing the park/neutral switch, and just for the heck of hit i checked the electrical plug going into the trans, I found the purple wire "A" was going to ground from the wiring harness, not the plug on the trans. I checked the manual and it said it was a 12 volt source…Ill be going back to it later..thoughts on a 12 volt source going to ground?
  6. Remember this when you go to vote..
  7. What industry does the sierra club , occupy whatever represent?..Never mind, I understand……….
  8. look at the pontiac fiero covers..
  9. Black-Baby..did you ever find out which wire it was?? my car had that same issue, wire grounding out..
  10. R12 isn't illegal to sell or buy. The problem is you need to be "certified" to buy it legally. on a side note, can some tell me how R-12 can hurt the ozone when R-12 is heavier than air?
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