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  1. Thanks Greg, but I already know about that and other sites listing car show information. The problem is that they rarely list the size of the cruise nights. Pompton Plains was an hour's drive from me, but it was worth it. A significantly smaller cruise wouldn't have been. Dugs, how many cars actually show? That's impressive if they can fill the lot or mostly fill the lot. Unfortunately it is in southern Jersey which is over 2 hours from me.
  2. There was a Jaguar E-Type blown up in the 80s film *52 Pickup.* I suspect it was a standin, but still not pleasant to see.
  3. Throughout much of the 90s, there was a huge cruise night of nearly 400 cars every Thursday evening in Pompton Plains. It was shut down in 97 or 98, and I lost touch with the NJ cruise scene after that. Are there any really large cruise nights in North Jersey that picked up where the Pompton Plains show left off?
  4. Depends on what you mean by "best." It's not high art, but I'll have to go with the original "Gone in 60 Seconds." Pure mayhem...
  5. Three different Garrett automobile companies are mentioned from that era in SCAC 1805-1942, but only one was mentioned where production appears to have been achieved. "The Garrett Machine Works Company at King and Guilford Streets built a highwheeler in 1909, according to the Ware yearbook of the industry that year. Details regarding it are lacking."
  6. Here's the details, and it looks like a pretty happening event. But it doesn't go into specifics that those of who have to drive some distance would like to know about, such as what particular day they're having the Vintage & Historic Car Show.
  7. I had contacted them, but they never responded.
  8. Be cool if you could actually see them without SAMPLE written in big red letters diagonally across the smallish images.
  9. When you go to , it gives you a 404 error page. You have to go to This is due to a simple fault in the site configuration at the server level. Contact your webhost about this and it can be fixed immediately. You are no doubt losing potential visitors because of it.