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  1. BTT. $1000. for all. Gas tank cover has been sold. Come and get it before the snow flies!
  2. That's an oil temperature regulator. The idea lived for a few years, and was added due to unfounded early concerns about premature main bearing failure. They cause lots of problems once they begin leaking, as they all do eventually! I remove the internal core on the cars I service and they are strictly there for authenticity/originality reasons.
  3. $1200. Come and get! Located Columbus Ohio.
  4. 1931 Buick 60 series rolling wood wheel chassis. Frame solid. Someone has removed a single pushrod from engine, likely for another project. Engine turned free about 10 yrs ago. Also includes radiator and shell, 4 tired fenders, front splash apron, fuel tank with lots of pin holes, gas tank cover, hood, cowl, steering column, intake, and 2 rusty doors. $2000. for all pictured. Please review and contact if interested through forum or email: luvbuicks@gmail.com We also have a 1931 60 series complete wire wheel setup- front end and rear end that is available separately. Hershey deliver
  5. I have seen original dealer options list for 1931 and safety glass WAS available at additional cost. So either would be correct- But as mentioned in an earlier post, upgrade to safety glass!
  6. These are readily available at Bob's Automobilia. They are castings which have to be chrome plated.
  7. Hello I am interested in the seat covers if still available. Please send me PM and let me know payment details. Thanks.
  8. Josef made me a water tube for a 1931 Buick restoration and the quality and fit were fantastic!
  9. Anybody have a really GOOD hood for 31 Buick 80/90 series? I need the passenger top panel, but will gladly purchase entire hood if you have one. Please reply by private message if you can help! Thanks, John
  10. A good machine shop may be able to pin the broken sections of each stanchion back together.
  11. There is a frame tag riveted to the outside of the frame in the passenger fender area. That has the number you are looking for.
  12. Great idea! I have long wished for motions and minutes to be published in a timely way so the membership could add input if desired. John
  13. Hello, l am looking for a set (front and rear) of two bar bumpers for a 1931 Buick80/90 series. Especially need the curved support brackets which the bumpers themselves are attached to. The car has side mounts, so I need the full rear bumper. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, John
  14. I am still in need of a set of a decent set of two bar bumpers for 1931 80/90 series. I could get by with just the spring steel brackets the bumpers are attached to, but they would need to be in decent shape. Thx
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