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  1. Thanks for your replies. Had the "new" battery tested and it was found to be defective with a dead cell. Dealer replaced free of charge and car is up and running well again!
  2. Thanks for response. Hard Top is on and has been since last year. Going to have battery checked first. Maybe a defective one.
  3. Anyone have troubles in this area. Any place to check first. After jump start, runs great, and restarts, but won't hold charge overnight. Don't want to spend a lot of money to have it checked for nothing. Anyone think it may be alternator? Battery is a Mopar, new in 9/03, but disconnected during storage. It ran well for 2 months after reconnecting.
  4. try autoanything.com for real sheepskin seat covers. Just received ours and they are beautiful!
  5. located sheepskin seat covers for '90 TC at autoanything.com. Need to remove head rests in order to slip cover over back of seat. Anyone know how this can be done?
  6. Located sheepskin seat covers for '90 TC from autoanything.com, but cannot remove head rests to slip the cover over back of seat. Anyone know how to remove the head rests?
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