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  1. Black is the best color, looks pretty good. Although I haven't had a Reatta in many years, I still do a double-take whenever I see one, it is one of the most beautiful American cars I've ever seen. I fondly remember the first time I saw one in San Francisco, it was a brand new silver coupe rolling down Market street, I just stood there with my mouth open. I love the back end of these cars, it's simple, elegant, stylish, and timeless. I hope you enjoy your car, it's quite a set of wheels.
  2. I sold my red 1990 Reatta convertible in 2000, but I still come here occasionally to read about the Reatta, as it was certainly the most memorable and stylish car I ever owned. Whenever I see one on the road (it's getting rarer these days), I always do a double-take; it certainly was a beautiful little car. In all honesty, I'm surprised that there are still some on the road. When was the last time you saw a 1990 model of any car? Timeless beauty, but aging mechanicals.
  3. I want to believe that there was something wrong with the camera that took that picture.
  4. This is a humorous thread. This person has tried for many years to sell this car, he never lists the mileage or his asking price. NADA Classic Sports Car- 1990 Buick Reatta
  5. Oh good lord, as much as i admire Reattas, it's a twenty-year-old car being offered for sale by a minor celebrity that most people have never heard of. I just don't understand the point of this thread.
  6. I hardly ever start threads here, and I sold my reatta convertible ten years ago, but I still love the car and I like reading about it as well. IMHO it is one of the most striking cars I've ever seen, I think I might wind up buying another convertible someday, I'm constantly looking on ebay and cars.com. Anyway, let's all share some stories about the first time you saw one. In 1988 I was living in San Francisco and I read a review about the "new" Reatta in the newspaper, the reviewers just gushed about how beautiful it was. I thought "a beautiful Buick? Right." And then maybe a week later
  7. I normally don't poke fun at people, but this person has tried for many years to sell this car and won't budge on the price; the ad is relisted every once in a while. If his unrealistic price isn't entertaining enough, the text of the ad will certainly leave you scratching your head in wonder, and not a single mention of mileage can be found anywhere. I saw this car down at the mall once, it's not nearly as pristine as this person says it is. So here for your reading pleasure is the one and only best car ever built. Classic 1990 Reatta * Buick: 2-Seater Hardtop Sports Coupe *
  8. You need a 609 certification to buy R12, it is illegal for a seller to sell it to anyone without a 609. The certification is fairly easy to obtain online, you study for it and take a test.
  9. Any 1.5 din delco stereo will fit the reatta opening, I am not advocating this site, just offering it as an example of what is available out there: GM / Delco CD Players also if you go that famous auction website and type "delco cd" you'll see plenty of 1.5 din delco stereos which will fit the opening, and many of them look stock i think this one is quite beautiful, but it's 400 clams Delco (GM) Chevy/Olds AM/FM CD (Collectible): eBay Motors (item 290134286582 end time Jun-13-10 13:51:03 PDT) there are also wiring harnesses available that can convert from the reatta plug to the plug on the bac
  10. That's a really pretty color.
  11. I don't have any connection to this car, but it looks pretty sweet. Low miles and the color combination is beautiful. Sorry if I posted this before. 1991 Buick Reatta Coupe 2D Green, Power Seats, Low Miles, Nice Conditi
  12. I can vouch for the Pioneer stereo, I installed it in another car and it is an excellent value. There are multiple RCA pre-outs if you want to add an amplifier, and separate treble/mid/bass settings that allow an infinite adjustment in sound. It's not cheap, it doesn't play mp3s, and there is no audio input, but it's probably the best 1.5 din stereo you can buy if you want to listen to the radio or old-fashioned CDs.
  13. For the DIY mechanic there is no need to change over to 134a, there is still plenty of r12 left on ebay as others have mentioned. You can only purchase r12 if you have a 609 certification, which you can easily get on the internet by taking a test and paying a nominal fee. I have about 20 cans of r12 for future use. You must purchase a good quality manifold gauge set, don't cheap out on this important tool because it does several things: it measures your high and low pressures, it measures the vacuum, and it provides a way to charge the system. I bought a cheapy off of ebay once and wasted
  14. We've all been there. I once told a corvette seller on ebay that the adjustable suspension on a car they were selling was obviously not working because the adjustable shocks were replaced with standard shocks and he shot me back a nasty reply. Another ebay seller once stole my Reatta review, word for word, from epinions.com and used it in his listing without bothering to ask my permission. I told him that if he had asked me beforehand and gave me credit I would have let him use it, but he got really rude and nasty. I said he would have to change the wording or I would inform ebay officials
  15. Wow, I really like McIntosh's sketch, it looks like he kept true to the original style of the car while giving it a more contemporary appearance. I love that back view, very distinctive, and I also like that chrome rub strip. It looks sharp and clean, and much like its predecessor it's distinctly nautical in flavor. The 19- or 20-inch wheels are cool, and so is that wraparound dash pod. I know it's just a sketch that probably took him five minutes, but it's lovely.
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