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  1. Well dang, it just keeps getting better. Look forward to seeing you @MetroPetro Looking for Buick, Sinclair and Goodyear goodies. Heres some of the '36 body parts I'll be bringing
  2. @Buick35 here's a picture of the other side of the manifold. Pretty sure it is crack free and can check for sure if interested in the engine.
  3. I'm in Athens, Georgia @Buick35 Come on up and get this Greg, for the money it would be worth it for a spare or parts.
  4. We'll be staying at the Elizabethtown-Hershey KOA again this year and bringing a bunch of '36 and 54-55 Buick parts to sell. I was a bit disappointed in getting spots in the red field, RSD 13,14,15, which are back behind the Chocolate Factory and below the stadium but am hearing it may not be so bad after all. A friend who's never been to Hershey is coming with me so look forward to showing him around. Always enjoy staying at the KOA, sitting around a fire telling lies in the evenings and hitting some good breakfast and dinner spots on the way in and back.
  5. That's where we'll be 😩. Is this the first year it's been opened, is it now paved? If I recall in past years it was not.
  6. Boy if somebody was real crafty they could put something together with your chassis and my body parts 😆
  7. Well dang, are we never going to get to meet in person. I hear ya about "legs". I'll probably be draggin my left one by the end of the days. I'm in Red Field back behind the Chocaate factory and the stadium, may as well be on the moon. Will make for good parking spot but not expecting much in sales. That GS turbo regal race sounds like fun, when is that?
  8. Sale pending on my BlueBelle. Nice young couple and his mom came today and fell in love with it. Happy, very happy to see it.
  9. if no sale soon, I'll probably start looking for the front grille and yea maybe a seat LOL Doing good, hope to make it to Hershey, you?
  10. Really don’t want to part it out, sorry.
  11. Said to have been running when pulled many years ago, always stored in dry garage $150 The rocker cover may or may not be correct, it’s one I had laying around. The dip stick is still laying on my truck console….
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