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  1. A rock hit and cracked my windshield on my 1989 TC last weekend. The glass company said they can't get new glass nor fix the old one. Are any of the other mopar windshields interchangeable with the TC? If not is there a source to find any nos glass?
  2. I'm so confused; The oil pressure gauge in my 89 Tc has quit. I think that the sending unit on the engine is probably to blame, however there appear to be 2 different types of sending units. The first is sold by auto zone, checker etc. and sells for around $30. The second, sold by Chrysler is a little different looking however costs closer to $90. Are both units functional for the little oil turbo cooled cars, or is the Chrysler unit the only one that will perform correctly? I know that some of the minivans had air cooled turbos and am worried that the oil pressure sensor units may have been different.
  3. I went thru hell trying to find new cv joints for my 89 TC. I was finally able to find a place in Colorado Springs Colorado who rebuilt my old ones in one day. I have put on apx. 500 miles since the rebuild and they work fine. If anyone needs their addy and phone number I can be emailed at knowry@webtv.net . I also installed new motor mounts at the same time. Old motor mounts wear out new cv joints in a hurry.
  4. TC Bear I found a place in florida where I sent my old computer for them to rebuild. Took about 3 weeks for them to send it back. Was apx. $200 and came with warranty. If you need their name email me; Khowry@webtv.net Kirk d. Howry khowry@webtv.net
  5. I recently replaced the cv joints on my 89 TC. I replaced the motor mounts at the same time and found new ones at Auto Zone. One of the mounts has a small shock absorber attached which came with the replacements.
  6. I went to a leather shop and purchased some ginger colored hide. I then pried off the instrument cover panel with a screwdriver, it comes off in one piece, and ripped off the old leather. I glued on the new leather and it looks perfect. Also the center arm rest between the seats was horrid so I unscrewed the hinge to remove it and took it to an upholstery shop and had them place the same new leather over the old padding. They sewed in seams to match the original design. $25
  7. I have a pair of good 1937 Zephyr fenderskirts for sale. The chrome at the bottom is also in good condition and intact. They are not perfect but VERY presentable. I can email pix to u. $500. Khowry@webtv.net
  8. I'm missing something. When the engine is warm the car is at idle speed it acts as if running on 3 cyl. It also sometimes turns on the check engine light. Engine usually smooths out after revving up or re-starting. I've replaced wires, hall effect, main computer, points, (full tune-up) and taken apart and replaced the electronic fuel caps which were corroded. I still have same problem. Am I missing a sensor? PLEASE HELP. This is an intermittant problem.
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