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  1. West, What you have is half of a female Anzo fastener. There is another piece of the fastener that allows it to be installed in piece of fabric with a special tool. The fastener is paired with a male stud that is typically installed on a top iron. Anzo fasteners were used on Model T Ford tops and were also used on WW2 bomber jackets and other military items. The one you have could have been used on Cadillac top or on a shop coat. BTW that is an unused button and could be used with the appropriate mating part and the correct installation tool. See the attached file for some
  2. FC-782/D6AZ-9030-B Fuel Cap for 72-75 Ford and Lincoln Mercury automobiles. This cap is NOS (new) in the original Motorcraft box. Asking $15.50 plus shipping. Alan
  3. Original Auburn Sales Brochure for Models 125, 8-95, and 6-85. Tri Fold in color. 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches. It is stamped with the dealers name: Colony Motor Sales Inc., Glen Cove and Oyster Bay, 102 School St., Glen Cover, L.I. Condition is good but it does have some wear on the edges. Asking $27.50 plus postage. Please contact me at: alanswoolf@gmail.com Alan Woolf
  4. I am looking for a Gray and Davis B3 Headlight. The outside diameter of the rim is approximate 11-1/2 inches and the distance between the fork mounts is approximately 9-1/4 inches. I only need one light but would also be interested in a pair. I particularly need a headlight with a good uncracked bucket. Minor dents and dings are acceptable. Alan
  5. I was told this is a motorcycle wheel but have so far been unable to identify it. It is 20 inches in diameter and looks like if probably takes a 19 inch tire. The rim is beaded edge. The ID of the the hub is approximately 2-1/2 inches diameter. One side of the hub has an internal spline. There are 40 spokes. If anyone can help identify it I would appreciate it. Alan
  6. Guys, Thanks for all of the information. It will help me make a decision pro or con but I do need to do some more homework and talk to an installer. Alan
  7. Yes, Jerry installed the core in the radiator for my American Underslung. In my case I built all of the tanks and trim and he installed the core. The core is a square pattern core that was purchased in England. He can do pretty much anything you want from rebuilding an existing radiator to building one from scratch. Another option is to install a modern core and put a false front on the radiator to save some money. I have had good service from Jerry and so have some other folks I know. I would definitely recommend Universal Carneige for radiator work.
  8. Looking for a rotor for a Delco Dual Distributor as shown. This is a six cylinder unit from typically used on a Pierce Arrow. Alan
  9. Offered is a very nice 75 MPH Warner Autometer. This unit has a steel case painted black with a nickel plated bezel. The unit is in good shape. Input shaft turns smoothly. The nickel plating is in fair condition. Asking $375.00 plus shipping. alanswoolf@gmail.com Alan Woolf
  10. I am considering adding fire protection sprinklers in my basement garage. I would like to hear anyone's thoughts or experience with home sprinkler systems. Does the addition of a sprinkler system lower insurance rates? What I need to cover is an 1800 sq ft. basement that has shop equipment and car storage. Alan
  11. www.stanleymuseum.org www.stanleysteamers.com www.steamingdownsouth.com www.steamcar.net http://www.auburnheights.org/
  12. I think they were used on a lot of cars. Some of the later condensing Stanley's used them but I don't know if that is the correct one for that application. ASW
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