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  1. Recently bought a photo I beleive is a 1932 Hupmobile with Murphy Body. Does anyone have any information about this car?
  2. I could use one for a 1932 project which I think is the same? How much are you asking? Ron Califmanx@aol.com 760-489-1306
  3. RKS

    4 sale 1923 Stutz

    See add in buy/ sell section. Thanks Ron
  4. 1923 STUTZ SEDAN 1923 Stutz 690 sport sedan. 120 in wb., 6 cyl – 75 hp overhead valve eng which has been rebuilt, wire wheels 24 in Buffalos, cycle front fenders. Needs some TLC and is stored in northern California so I have not been able to work on it.. Runs but needs timming adjusted. Has a small radiator leak . Missing a sun visor which is easily made but I liked it without. Generator back on the car and works. Electric fuel pump. Ron Shimmin Califmanx@aol.com 760-489-1306 $18,500 or offer.
  5. From the album: Lincoln

    1932 KB Lincoln 7 passenger sedan
  6. RKS

    1923 STUTZ SEDAN Value

    Additional photos. It is a Stutz 120 in W.B.
  7. RKS

    1923 STUTZ SEDAN Value

    The car is a Stutz not a HCS. Side mount on passenger side mid body. If interested I can send added photos. I am trying to get to the Big 3 show but have nom firm plans yet. What do you think my care is worth? Is $18,500 to much? I saw some Buicks and things about same age for that price. Thanks Ron
  8. Thinking about selling my 1923 Stutz sedan , Weidley 6 cyl, cycle front fenders. Runs (rebuild engine, though the timing doesn't seem quit right) and non original interior. Not sure what a fair price is. Does $18,500 sound fair. Ron 760-489-1306 (San Diego area CA.) Trying to post a photo, I have not done this before. Califmanx@aol.com
  9. Does anyone remanufacture the pot metal part of this distributor? Thanks Ron
  10. I beleive a Remy 626 distributor was used on some of the 1923 Studebakers. They were part pot metal. Has any one remade the pot metal part?
  11. RKS

    Raccoon Coats

    I'd be interested in a raccoon coat. Have a 23 Stutz sedan but no coat Ron
  12. Looking for a distributor for a 1923 6 cyl model 690. Beleive it's a Remy model 626-H. Anything else fit it? Trying a HCS that's similar but would like to find the correct one. also any other 23 6 cyl parts or literature considered. Thanks Ron califmanx@aol.com
  13. Looking for a 1923 Remy model 626-H for 6 cyl. Weidley engine used it in 1923 6-63 Auburns,HCS 6 cyl & Stutz 6 cyl. Or anone know of an alternative? Ron 760-489-1306 CA. califmanx@aol.com
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