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  1. Walter Murphy created a couple of boat tails without doors in 1921.

    The top mechanism looks to have a sort of telescoping rods. Can anyone tell me how these work?

    Anyone see a similar type top?764185780_21murphyrdstrtside.thumb.jpg.464989c1b562917903ac394c61941d7d.jpg1175685678_Topparts.JPG.82139bb0c34e2bc3d5e5795919b61008.JPG

    I originally put the question in the discussion section but not getting any response.



  2. Randy Emma has original drawings for Duesenbergs/ their parts; does restoration work on them

    Go to Auburn Cord Duesenberg club site he is a regular there

    Several Restorers can make bodies

    Steve Babinski a restorer owns a Lincoln Murphy Phaeton

    Platinum Classic Motor Cars has photos of 2 or 3 Murphy bodies they have fabricated, see their web site.

    Another is Fran Roxas has done similar work.

    Good Luck Ron

  3. Does anyone know or have a photo of 31 or 32 Murphy bodied Packard roadster. There was drawings done, but were they built? Saw a book that mentioned Earl Anthony ordered Murphy bodies for touring and roadsters in 1932 but have never seen a photo of the roadsters. Murphy was closing his doors then, maybe they were not done.