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  1. 1948 Zephyr Convertible. Rebuilt V 12, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt differential, rebuilt brakes,new wiring, FM added to stock AM radio, properly stitched top, new chrome, new leather interier. $62,500 Too many cars, getting too old.
  2. I have Harry's antenna packed and ready to go. I now only have one left, it is the brass cylinder and is for 1946 or early 47. The chrome nut that holds the antenna to the fender is missing, otherwise it is in good shape. If anyone is interested contact me at breitw6@aol.com
  3. Harry, Only the bottom section moves under power. There is a piston inside attached to the antenna shaft. Vacuum applied to the small tube at the bottom of the cylinder pulls the shaft down, applied to the top tube pulls the shaft up. There is a person in North Carolina I think that rebuilds these antennae, but they are pricey. I have a couple that I rebuilt myself that I will part with if you are interested.
  4. My bad. Correct url is lzoc.org
  5. Long range weather forecast is for temps in the low to mid 40's with showers or light rain on Thurs & Fri. Cloudy on Sat. Make your plans to buy that elusive Lincoln part now. More Lincoln parts in one place than you will find in Hershey and Carlisle combined and no need to walk miles either!
  6. Anyone looking to sell or buy parts for Lincolns would be well advised to attend the Swap Meet in Lancaster, PA on Jan 26th to the 29th. For details go to LZOC.com and check the calendar.
  7. I believe the high beam switch must be pressed to get High or low beam. The post war Lincolns are like that. With headlites on, turn on the fog or driving lites and pressing the dimmer switch will switch between headlites and fog/driving lites.
  8. If you have not replaced the brake lines, I would highly recommend that you do so. Moisture that got into the DOT 3 or 4 fluid that was used before could already have started to rust the lines from the inside out. On aeration of the DOT 5, DO NOT shake the can of fluid before you add it to the system. Since the DOT 5 aerates so easily, you will be inducing air into the system and thus a spongy pedal. Do not pump the pedal vigorously when bleeding the brakes as this can aerate the fluid also. I have used DOT 5 for over 20 years and never had a soft pedal.
  9. If you get the front pistons at theier highest, that gets the big ends of the connecting rods out of the way of the pan as it wants to come back and down.
  10. 75. I bought my first Lincoln Continental in 1972 when you could find a Lincoln in a junk yard now and then. The price of parts was always high as my wallet recalls, but the parts have never been abundant. I have attended the Eastern Swap meets since the early 70's, my first being at the Zimmerman Holiday Inn just off the PA Turnpike at the Lebonon exit. I left the LCOC after 35 years of membership because they seem to have forgotten that 10 year old cars are not antiques. I like the minutia that Dave Cole gets into. I would like to see more hands on in the tech articles also. I sold my first Lincoln 3 years ago and still have 2 more in the garage, but the high cost of these cars and the present economy has reduced the number of big boys who want or can afford the big toys.
  11. Our local fire department has only automatic transmissions because no one can drive a stick! Sad isn't it.
  12. I have seen this dual grille car before. Seems that it was an exercise in design by Gregorie or Edsel that didn't pan out.
  13. Don't use solid Ford lifters unless you have the cam reground to operate solid lifters. The hydraulic lifter grind will wipe the lobes off the cam if used with solid lifters. Why not use the hydraulic lifters? I have put may thousands of miles on a couple of engines with no problem. Just keep the oil fresh and clean.
  14. There were 1241 Zephyr convertibles built from Sept 1945 to Mar 1948. During that same period there were 1341 Continental convertibles built. The Continental was the Gee Wizz car that every one had to have and when they owned it they kept it running and on the road by installing a V 8 engine if they had to. This probably saved many a Continental from the crusher. The lowly Zephyr however did not have the apeal of the Continental and by the time it was 5 or 6 years old it languished on the back row of many a used car lot and was either sold as a beater or junked to clear the space. Today about 70% of the Continentals built still exist in some form or other , but only about 100 of the Zephyrs are left.
  15. Hydro-Electric says NOT to use silicon brake fluid in their rebuilt pumps or window rams. In fact they guarantee the parts for a year or two unless you use silicone fluid and in that case the guarantee is voided.
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