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  1. Somebody please tell this old man when the MeadowBrook show is. Thanks, Bob Horgan
  2. I had a wonderful weekend at Hickory Corners this year. The weather was perfect and even on Sunday not a drop of rain fell. Lucky if you can string together three straight day of nice weather in West Michigan. But it happened and I personally thought the event was maybe the best of all. Have you ever noticed that even the general public, when in the presence of these fine motorcars speak more softly. It's almost like thier in church. It's true, people behave with reverance, profound honor and respect. Of course the car owners seem more relaxed and comfortable, I don't mean them, I'm speaking of the visitors/spectators. People seem to sense aura of history walking slowly past the cars. The people who put on this event are to be congratulated, it really couldn't be any better. Thank you to all involved and especially the men and women who own the fine cars for bringing them here for all to see. Bob Horgan ? Grand Rapids, MI
  3. I agree with Chuck Conrad about the Junebug Clark indoor photos of the annual meeting. I was really impressed with the finished look. They 're great. Some people have a problem with enhanced images, but everybody does it including Time, Newsweek, Better Homes & Garden and yes even Playboy. The "soft focus" backgrounds really accent the subject"automobile". In the old days "7 or 8 years ago" photographers used gels & vasoline on the lens, but today it's hi-end digital imaging. My guess is Mr. Clark used a Gaussian Blur of 10 or 15 after clipping path the car and applying the filter. My compliments to the chef. Great job and nice soft touch. Atta-boy Junebug Bob Horgan ? Grand Rapids, MI
  4. It never ceases to amaze me, the vast knowledge of the club members. Thank You gentlemen for the information. Bob Horgan?Grand Rapids, MI
  5. Nothing like asking a question on the World Wide Web, so the whole world can see how dumb I'am. But I'm to old to care, and I really want to know the answer. Looking at the membership roster I notice Packard seemed to have a ton of numbers. Like 1204, 1408, 1507,1508, 1608, 1607,1703, 1708, etc. And all these numbers span only 3 or 4 model years (1935 thru 1939. Can somebody out there explain to me why they used SO MANY numbers. Were the cars really that differant? Thanks, Bob Horgan? West Michigan
  6. Thank You gentlemen for your responses. Dave I would be THRILLED to ride in your 16 cylinder Cadillac on the beautiful grounds of Hickory Corners. I be there and I'll find you and take you up on your offer. That sure is something great to look forward to. I go to the hospital every day for prostrate cancer radiation therapy (42 treatments), the winter is long and cold. It's all beginning to get me down. But.....your promise to give me a ride in your car, I'm so excited I feel like a kid again. Thank You Sir.
  7. When you hear this question you'll immediately know that I don't know squat about cars even though I've been a member for 4 years. I have never owned one of these wonderful cars, hell I never even sat in one. But I love the beauty, elegance, romance and history the cars represent. So here is my question. I'm talking about the front end . Many cars have one or more horizontal bars attached to the front fenders. Maybe the upper "often chrome" is simply a headlight mount, and perhaps keeps the two fenders stabilized and secure. Does the electrical wiring pass thu this tube. But the lower bar-down by the bumper brackets seems to be a much heavier stock. I was wondering what's the purpose of this bar. Is it to stiffen the chassis or just tie the car together? Usually this heavy tube is painted the fenders or frame color. Some of you experts will think this question is to "beginner" to answer, but I'm hoping someone will. Thanks, Bob Horgan ? Grand Rapids, MI
  8. Karl, Got the image of your "wings up" hood ornament. Thanks a lot. I'm doing a rendering of a 1926 Wills Sainte Claire T-6 owned by a gentleman from Port Huron, Mi I photographed the car at MeadowBrook '03. But could'nt make out the shape of the ornament because of all the background noise. But thanks to you I'm all set now. I'll be sending it to Shawn to see if he wants to use the car in the next version of the club's home page. Thanks again Karl, is this a great forum or what. Bob Horgan ? Grand Rapids, MI
  9. I'm having a tough time finding a picture of the hood ornament of this automobile. I only need a look-see . A web site, or photo in a book, or digital capture for reference. Did'nt the '26 Wills Sainte Claire T-6 use a "grey goose theme" or am I losing it? Thank You. Bob Horgan ?Grand Rapids, MI
  10. Chuck, ram air effect indeed. Try that little joy ride in Michigan and you and suzy might be singing a different tune. Air temperature 5 degree F, and tooling at 30mph, would put the wind chill factor at -13 F. Happy Motoring.
  11. Ooops, it's a Messerschmitt not an Isetta. But you gotta admit, you don't see a Messershmitt everyday. Yes, it was designed by Willie Messershmitt of aviation fame.
  12. Hi Shawn, I'm interested in the Milestone Car Society. What's the URL of the web site? Although Full Classics are my first love, I do a lot of automotive portraits of post war cars. Check it out. It even has an Isetta. You can use any of the images for MCS just like we do with the CCCA site. Bob Horgan ?Grand Rapids, MI
  13. Back in the 80's I had the honor & pleasure of meeting Mr. Fred Roe, the author of DUESENBERG The Pursuit of Perfection. There is no delicate way to say this except, Is Mr. Roe still with us or did he pass?
  14. Hi West, Congratulations on being promoted to editor of a fine publication. My name is Bob Horgan and live in West Michigan. I was looking forward to attending the Michigan Region show but a prostrate cancer thing changed my plans. I'm the guy who furnishes Shawn with a car portraits to post on the club's home page. Check out my car art site at also I'm looking forward to this summer and shooting cars at shows around the Great Lakes area. I need a guy like you in the publishing business who can provide me with a press pass this summer. So I can shoot cars a day or two before the general public gets in. Your a car shooter, you know what I'm talking about. Please contact me is your interested in helping a fellow car-shooter. Thanks, Bob Horgan ? Grand Rapids, MI I
  15. I just recieved my copy of The Classic Car. The article by Mr. Ashmead about his wonderful Kissel was certainly enjoyed by me. It is his car that was displayed at MeadowBrook this summer that I and so many other people had the pleasure to view. Thank You sir for bringing your car to Michigan. It is magnificent.