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  1. Update : after a week's vacation, I saw my co-worker on this matter. Initially he had serious thought on keeping it correct but three days later, he got his income tax refund. He has now hired someone to cut the original front end off & subframe it with a 1976 Impala. Sorry folks,,,I tried. He also says he couldn't care less about it's dollar value & went into quite a stir about it, saying people over-emphasize on dollar value(I agree somewhat with that) & so on & didn't want to hear any more about it.
  2. well,,,when you're Grandpa's pick(or for that matter any other relative) then the sky's the limit,,,so he got the car. Anyway I spoke my (unapproving) piece on the sbc matter,,,maybe it was listened to. Another thing he wants to know if the stock rear end is geared high enough for todays highway driving (say at least to do 55 on a country road) without the engine screaming. Told him my '53 I had years ago did fine on the interstates at 65. His only other old car was a 54 Chevy that was geared so low, the engine was screaming at about 50 mph.
  3. a friend who inherited a 1955 98 convertible from his family wants to go this route 'cuz he was quoted $3000 to rebuild the original engine and $1500 for the transmission when he can get the 350/350 for a fraction of that. His question, does the street rod fraternity sell the proper crossmembers for such conversion??(there does seem to be a lot of these cars that have underwent that,,,me I'd rather starve a few years & save the money to keep it correct!)
  4. Hello: Someone is making reproduction bat wing air cleaners that look pretty much the same as an original except they use a modern paper air filters that you can buy anywhere. They pop up on e-bay for about $125-150 all the time. (advertisers say these are made in USA by the way)
  5. I got the Buick bug not from movies -but from a TV series. "Highway Patrol" the 1955-59 syndicated series starring Broderick Crawford. After the show's initial run, it was rerun for the next 12 years. While other kids were watching cartoons after school, I'd race home to catch Highway Patrol at 3:30PM. For years, I never missed an episode. The show also had a profound affect on my life. For one, my love for the 50s, love for old cars (virtually every make appeared on this show) It also inspired me to move to the country as most of the show was in a rural setting. Relatively few television shows were filmed outdoors in the 1950s, whereas this one was. Those 1955 Specials the patrol used in the first season just mesmerized me! Its my 2nd favorite Buick next to the 1950-52's
  6. Bob I think you got rooked,,,you know, the pay-thru-the-nose mentality exercised by some shops. Last time I had one recored was in 2001 for a 51 Roadmaster by a local radiator shop for $325 and they did an excellent job. Had one shop quote me over $500 for an exhaust for same car,,,gave me all this song & dance that such job required a specialist,etc,,,then went to a Midas and they did the whole she-bang (headpipe, muffler,tailpipe and even with chrome tip!) for $185! Just a couple examples.
  7. Probably what shocked me most in the Buick MPG experience was my best friend's (and later mine) '68 GS 400. The car isn't heavy at all compared to the Riviera, and yet with the bone stock mechanicals--10 MPG! No jackrabbit starts or peeling rubber. Road mileage wasn't that great either,,,from Phoenix to LA (390 miles at the time--I-10 wasn't completed quite yet in Arizona) took around 32 gallons one-way.
  8. I am posting this for a fellow co-driver who doesn't have a computer. Personally, no one could pay me to butcher a car like this for such an engine swap. He wants to put a sbc in a 52 72R, he got discouraged about rebuilding the original when he was quoted $3000-up when he could buy a sbc at Auto Zone for $1300. I told him its especially difficult in a Buick with its torque tube set-up, he'd be changing rear ends & doing a lot of fabricating, etc. Any imput apprecioated and I'll pass it on. Me, Im a Straight 8 nut,,,I'd never uproot one,,,,Buick or non-Buick
  9. 10 MPG in big city driving which I no longer live in such environment. Have had running 49,51(2), 52(3) Roadmasters, plus 1 51 Super never could coax anymore than that,,,the 56R got maybe 12 MPG. An old time Buick mechanic once told me two words>>GAS EATERS. A former co-worker's 66 Electra which ran so quiet all you could hear was the tires on the road, got 8 MPG on the open highway at 65 MPH.
  10. are 6 1/2 (actually with the lip it really 7") inch rims too wide? I had a 47 parts car once, put rims & tires from a 52 Roadmaster on it to tow it,,,, fronts were OK but the rears were rubbing on top of the rear wheel opening. Someone told me the maximun that far back would be 6" wide. Now I have another Roadmaster to tow later on, want to know answers here,,,,thanks
  11. Great,,,now if someone will come out with readily available 1956 master cylinder kits next (without the stratospheric price!) that'd be great (I must be dreaming!) Personally I like the 56 better than the 55 'cuz of the dash/instrument panel arrangement but due to the master cylinder issue, I stay away from 56's,,,,for now.
  12. Looked at a prospect(no rust) hit the accelerator, starter switch on carb seems to be getting juice but solenoid wont kick in. Replaced battery cables. Some wiring is a bit frayed (car's been sitting since 1958) but Ive seen worse. Can I remove the two wires from the carb switch and substitute with a push button switch? Car is 750 miles away, so I'm trying to tell someone else what to try. Thanks BCA! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  13. oh but don't forget how the law protects the crooks now,,,so be very careful about booby trapping anything 'cuz at best you could be sued for everything you have for causing a little blood loss,,,,at worse, depending on what stae you live in, you could be held criminally liable for protecting your own property,,,YOU CAN'T WIN!!
  14. Took a radio out of a 53 Roadmaster. It has one bar that says BUICK rather than the 5 push buttons (says Selectronic I think) Is this a Wonderbar that I always hear about but never see? I didnt think the Wonderbars came out until 1955-56 maybe.
  15. 235-75R x15's are going to be your best size for that. Never had problems with wheel well or ball joint clearance (unless one uses 7 inch wide Roadmaster wheels on a Special or Super) They are not as tall as the old 820 x 15s but are wider. Never had problems running radials on the original rims. If I did, I'd never use them as I've very fussy about using the correct rims or similar ones (subbing 15s for 16s etc)
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