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  1. Good luck. Mine leaks around the windshield and the cowl. My Cord is even worse. My 34 Auburn just drips (as opposed to pouring like the Cord and LZ).
  2. You are so right. I love the whisper-quiet of a V-12. I will try your fix tomorrow.
  3. Found them. Gave them a good oiling, now I am thinking I might just need to tighten the belt. I will give that a shot tomorrow.
  4. Thanks. That is what I thought. My shed is too dark for me to examine without a flashlight. I will pull it out tomorrow and take a look. What type of oil do you all suggest?
  5. I can't remember, help me out here, is there a spot where you oil or lube the water pump? I have one that is making some noise, but not leaking. On my Auburn there is a place for oiling.
  6. As I remember, having seen the serial fifteen or more years ago, the front skirts did move when the wheel turned.
  7. I remember seeing the serial on TCM many years ago. The original Batmobile in the early 40s serial was also a Lincoln.
  8. How are this old gal has come. Super job. What a car this is going to be. Sadly, with the economy going like it is, I might just have to sell my LZ in 2009.
  9. I used to drive all three of my pre-WWII cars at least once a week to the post office, bank and/or church. That's changed a bit. As gas has gone up and I office at home, I now ride my bike to the five mile round trip to the post office and bank each day and just take the cars out on Saturdays or to shows. So the 37 LZ goes out every third Saturday for my weekend errands, then gets to rest while I use the 34 Auburn the next weekend and the 36 Cord the following. We had a local show over the 4th and had all of them there. When I got home took a photo of the three parked in the backyard along with our 65 Mustang Fastback. It was the first time I've ever shot the four of them together. Kind of fun to look at four really unique and timeless designs side by side.
  10. Looks super. You have come so far with a car many would not have even attempted. By the way, I did drive my 37 today, but is is a poor to a 3 window coupe. Just can't get much cooler than that!!! And I sincerely mean that!
  11. I broke a glass one and bought two new plastic ones from Rolf and they are super!
  12. I restored a 57 Ranchero a few years back and found the build sheet in the door. Have not been that lucky with any of my other cars.
  13. What I need is an inside door handle. Mine broke the other day. My outsides are fine. Thanks Cecil.
  14. I went to a Wal-Mart in the hobby department and found some thin wire I used to keep them on. It has worked well for over a year. Super buy on the light. Anyone know where I find a rear door handle for my 37?
  15. Around Christmas, when I get the Cord back on the road, it will no doubt bring attention. And in truth, I have had my Auburn six cylinder sedan for three years and I have been offered almost twice as much as I have in it. So I think it might well turn out to be a good investment. I have offers on the LZ all the time too. Just hearing the 12 run gets folks excited. On the Cord, sedan or not I think it is a great investment, but it still the open cars that bring out what we call the "snob" crowd.
  16. I love driving my 37 LZ sedan, as well as my 34 Auburn 652Y sedan. Neither carry the prestige of a true classic (or the market potential), but mine get a lot more lots than the 55-57 Chevys. And I drive my to Wal-Mart, the post office, church and a lot of other places. I am restoring a 36 Cord 810 right now (I sold a 57 Ranchero to buy it). Again it is a sedan, so it does not carry the value of the ragtops, but it still gets more looks than the current "cool" high dollar post war cars. The bottom line is that I have my cars not because I want to make money selling them, but because I want to preserve a part of history. I drive them because people love to see something they have never seen anywhere but books. Essentially, the cars bring great joy to many people each time I take them out. Even gave a 83 year old man the thrill of his life by giving in a ride in the beat up, unrestored Cord. I was at a car show last week with my LZ sedan. It was the hit of the local show even though a 67 Mustang took home the trophy. I couldn't leave because of the crowd around the old V-12.
  17. A three window for $1200? Wow. If that is what V12 paid then that is the best deal I have seen in a long time in the car market. 36 was a really nice year for Packard.
  18. Super Cecil. I know that your car will be one of the finest 37s in the country.
  19. I think better, but don't know if I have anything to compare them too. My LZ rides very well down the road, tracks straight , the Cord actually feels no different than the model cars I own.
  20. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">AceCollins are your Lesters 4 or 6 ply? Are they tubeless? How is the ride if they are 6ply? Thanks George. </div></div> Mine are six ply. I bought them online. Here is the link. http://www.universaltire.com/cart.php?ta...ubstring=650-16
  21. I have been running Lesters on my 34 Auburn (two years) and 36 Cord for a year and like them. Had no problems at all. I like the way they look as well. Whem my LZ needs new shoes, I will be getting four more.
  22. Thanks. If you don't have one I can buy, I will check with Merv.
  23. Cecil, Do you have an extra door handle (inside)? I need one right now. Had a shaft that broke on me last week. Ace
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