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  1. Thanks, Matt! I appreciate the help!
  2. Thank you both for your help. Looks like I'll be crawling under the car in the near future!
  3. I am helping an elderly friend secure title for his '48 Roadmaster so that he can sell it. The data plate on the firewall was no help in giving me a serial number, and I couldn't find a plate on the driver's side pillar. The best I could do was find a number stamped into the engine block behind the distributor (#51706315). Is this the number he needs to register the car? I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  4. Try Andy Bernbaum (http://www.oldmoparts.com). Sounds like the same filter I'm using on my '30 Marmon (not original, but functional!) Jim
  5. Thanks for the advice. I like the idea of operating the shutters manually. In my case it is helpful that I actually have an extra cable already running from the engine compartment to the dash (a long story!). Stude8, if memory serves me correctly, you have access to a very good resource for determining the application(s) for old wheels. I have a couple of 19" wire wheels that don't fit the Marmon (they have seven mounting holes rather than the six my wheels have). Would you have an opportunity some time to look up my wheels in your book if I set you dimensions, pictures, etc.?
  6. I am searching for advice on how best to deal with a damaged thermostat housing on my '30 Marmon. The thermostat was manufactured by Pines, and operates a set of louvers in front of the radiator. It is screwed into the top right of the radiator (looking at the car from the front), with a rod that extends to the louvers in front. The housing has virtually disintegrated, allowing coolant to spray everywhere when the engine is running. Is there a chance that a product like "JB Weld" or one of the other radiator patching epoxies would stand up to the heat and pressure? Are replacement parts st
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