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  1. I actually live in Melbourne, KY about 10 minutes outside of Cincinnati. (I say Cincinnati because everyone knows exactly where I am talking about, few people know of Melbourne) I know a guy in Alexandria, KY who has a 91 red with tan. There is also a maroon with maroon around Northern Kentucky University, although I dont know the guy who owns that one.
  2. So every year for 19 years now, my family has been vacationing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The last 4 years, I have driven my LeSabre on the 1,500 mile journey. This year, I decided to take the Reatta, and I am glad I did Not only did the fuel economy surprise me, 28.7 mpg, but she didn't miss a beat. From Cincinnati to the condo where I stay is 750 miles. I did the first leg of the trip in 6 hours, stopped for fuel when the light came on at 450 miles. Drove the next 6 hours and still had a quarter of a tank when I arrived This season when I pulled her out of the garage, the air conditioner decided to not work. I took it up to Bud's J & M Service in Highland Heights, Kentucky. I had Jeff do a retrofit on the system. Worked like a charm. I highly recommend them for any air conditioner service. He did the retrofit on my LeSabre, and repaired the Park Avenue's air conditioner, and he does great work. I will be down here for about eight days. When I return, I will give more details of how she coped with the sand, salt, and humidity. Not to mention the other 750 miles back home. In the mean time, check out the pictures on my Flickr page. Flickr: Geoff Fender's Photostream Thanks to my sister Allison who took some of them for me.
  3. Okay, took the throttle body off yesterday. It came off with very little trouble. The supercharger side of the throttle body was coated in a black substance, not sure what it was. As I was removing the idle air motor, I stripped off the head of the screw. Why they used screws and not bolts, I'll never know. Soaked the throttle body in parts cleaner and shined it up real nice. Tomorrow after a trip to the Home Depot to get a new screw, I will re-assemble and let you know if there is any improvement. My go-to mechanic was out of town this weekend so the trouble code will have to wait. Barney, I'm sorry but I should have been more specific as to the problem with the cruise control. Sometimes, and there is no pattern to it that I can see, the cruise control will not even engage. No light on the dash. Other times, the cruise control will be working and just quit abruptly. Thanks to everyone for the advice. Hopefully I can get that trouble code out of the computer and see if I have a bad sensor.
  4. I do have a check engine light on and Friday I plan on cleaning the throttle body and seeing if someone can pull that code for me. I'll let you guys know. By the way, I forgot to mention that I seem to be getting pretty poor fuel economy. 15-17 MPG mixed driving. Is this normal for this car and motor?
  5. Hello all, I picked up what I thought was a good deal on eBay, but in retrospect, I wish I had passed on it. I have a couple of problems and I was looking for advice. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Hard to start when cold. Rough and erratic idle. Cruise control works intermittently. The details: 1995 Park Ave. Ultra Series I Supercharged 3800 49,000 miles New Plugs Checked and working ignition coils and controller It looks like I am stuck with this car, at least for the time being. Any help would be great. Thanks,
  6. Sorry it took so long to reply. Yes I did get it out. I went with the TLC and lots of oil method. And if you look at the attached photo, I think you'll understand why I was having such trouble. Looking back on it, I wish I had thought to replace them when I got the car. I replaced the plugs with Delco RapidFire #14's, and the wires with a Bosch set. I was slightly amazed with how much faster the car started and how much smoother it ran. Thanks for all the advice. And sorry to have kept you waiting.
  7. I guess that would make more sense. Turn the plug not the motor. It does turn a little, but I cannot tighten it at all.
  8. It ran before I started changing the plugs. It was kind of an impulse decision. I had the wires off anyhow because one had worn through, figured I may as well change the plugs.
  9. First of all, I would like to thank Barney Eaton for providing me with his headlamp rebuild kits. They work great and the directions included are very clear and complete. I could not have asked for better results. Now, I went to change the plugs on my 89 Reatta yesterday and the first five went in and out without any problems. The last one however, cylinder number 2 I believe, (back side, far left) will not come out. Sprayed some PB Blaster on it and let it sit overnight. Tried again this morning, no luck. Any advice would be great.
  10. I can turn the radio on and off. However, the yellow lights next to the hard keys (summary, climate, radio) still do not light. Is the CRT itself still the primary suspect?
  11. Hi all, it's been a while. My Reatta and I had an encounter with a pothole about 9 months ago and I had to send her to be fixed. (Cracked a motor mount) But now that I have it back, the entire touchscreen assembly has quit on me. I had the CRT rebuilt about 5 years ago. But this time, not even the lights on the touchscreen part light up. IPC and everything else works fine. Any advice on where to start? Thanks,
  12. I didn't know there was a mechanical idle adjustment on the 3800. I know that you are away from your car, but do you happen to know where it is located? There were no error codes at all, and the battery has not been disconnected since she came out of winter storage in March.
  13. Padgett, Here is the information that you requested. It was obtained at idle with the AC on. The only thing that looked out of the ordnary was the TPS reading of .72 . All of this informations is exactly as the CRT presented it to me. ED01 Throttle Position---------------0.72 ED04 Coolant Temperature-------------85 ED06 Injector Pulse Width------------4.80 ED07 Oxygen Sensor Voltage-----------0.76 ED08 Spark Advance-------------------30 ED10 Battery Voltage-----------------13.50 ED11 Engine RPM----------------------1630 ED12 Car Speed-----------------------0 ED16 ESC (Knock Retard)--------------0 ED17 OLDPA3 (Knock Sensor Activity)--0 ED18 Oxygen Sensor Cross Counts------3 ED19 Fuel Integrator-----------------134 ED20 BLM-----------------------------150 ED21 Air Flow------------------------10.50 ED22 IAC-----------------------------78 ED23 MAT (ATS)-----------------------32 ED98 Ignition Cycle Counter----------10 ED99 ECM PROM ID---------------------2204 LOOP----Y TCC-----N OXY-----N EGR-----N 4TH-----N 3RD-----N 2ND-----N COMP----Y Conditions: Outside Temperature------75 F Transmission-------------Park The throttle plate cannot be push shut any further by hand. I checked for vacuum leaks both with a gauge and a can of engine starter fluid. Everything checked out. Thanks for all of the help!
  14. I've been having the same problem looking for help with my idle issue. It does not want to load for me.
  15. My 89 Reatta has a serious Idle problem. It's idling at about 1800-2400 RPMs. I took the IAC Motor off my LeSabre to see if that was the issue, the LeSabre idles fine, but no dice. I have seen plenty of posts about too low idle speeds, but can anyone shed any light on a fast idle?