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  1. I have a very nice driver quality front bumper for sale.75.00 plus shipping from Cleve,Oh. If i can figure out how to post pictures i will,if not and your interested,send me your email address.Thanks,Tom
  2. Stu,passed all the info along to the guy looking for the parts. Thanks,Tom
  3. Do you have to be BCA member to attend?If i remember correctly,you didn't have to to attend the 07 national.I have a couple that want to come but don't belong to the BCA.
  4. I may have a wheel.If you would give me your email address i will send some pictures. Tom
  5. Stu,sent you a PM.Please respond.Thanks again Tom
  6. Now my buddie is looking for a set of tail light and parking light lenses and a bombsite hood ornament.Must be NOS or like new.Thanks again for help you may be able to give. Tom
  7. Mike,how do you define"needs some work?"He's looking for something that doesn't need any patch work.Can you send me some pictures and price?My email address is thebuickman@sbcglobal.net Thanks,Tom
  8. I'am looking for a nice 49 roadmaster rear bumper for a friend of mine to finish his resto. Thanks for any help you can offer. Tom
  9. Just wanted to let Bruce and Tom know that i picked the car up today.Left at 7:30AM and got back home at 12:30 tonight.Phil,the owner was just a super nice guy.17 hour road trip,but well worth it. Tom
  10. Stevo,decided to change cars.PM'ed you the new info.Let me know if you recieved it and a free bump ttt. Thanks,Tom
  11. Adam, Ted's in Seattle for the nationals.I don't know if he has acess to a computer. Tom
  12. Just recieved my registration in the mail today,#75.What if i want to change cars?Will you take care of the paper work when i get there? Thanks Tom
  13. Don,no moon roof and if you would give me your email address i will send some pictures.Alan,pictures sent.
  14. Make me a offer. The riv is on it's way and i need the room.
  15. ttt,Nobody interested in a piece of Buick History?
  16. Bought a 67 Riv GS and i need the room.The car is missing the front air damm other than that it's complete.It runs but need a total resto.Automatic,air,AM/FM and optional wheels.The car is located in Vermilion,Oh. and i'am asking 1,250.00 OBO.No parts,please don't ask.If your interested i can email pictures.Thanks Tom
  17. What do you mean by GOOD condition?If it has any cracks of any kind it's junk.Maybe good for a core but that's about it.
  18. I've got what your looking for but just don't have the time to part the car out.It's a almost complete 68 riv GS that i would like to sell whole.I believe the radio and dash pad are gone.the car is in Vermilion Oh.Let me know if your interested. Tom
  19. Email sent.Waiting for reply.Thanks Tom