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  1. Darwin,I have two original 74's if you need any pictures.Ones a 40,000 mile GS and the other is a 20,000 mile GS STAGE1. Tom
  2. Just a little to far for me or i'd be getting ready for another Road Trip.Anyone that goes to look at it,please take a camera with you and share the photos.
  3. I have about 10 AC #6014 headlites for sale.These are for the old two headlite systems.How's 12.00 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks,Tom
  4. I'am looking for a auto on the floor cable for a 71 thru 75 Riviera.Thanks,Tom
  5. Some rust but pretty good overall 250.00 and shipping from Ohio,44111. Thanks,Tom
  6. I have a pair of fenders for sale.Not perfect some rust but pretty nice overall.250.00 and shipping.If your interested i can email pics as i still can't post them here.Located in Ohio. Thanks,Tom
  7. You didn't buy it for 10K?definitly worth that kind of money.How long ago was it?
  8. Paul,your going to need more than just manifolds.Do you have any idea whats all involved?
  9. Sad part is some poor misinformed sap is buying into it.People like this deserve everything they get for not doing their homework. Tom
  10. I've got a picture of a 65 trim plate with 5KW.The car had power seat and factory installed seat belts.I can't post pictures on this forum so if anyone is interested i can send them to you.I took these for Mr. Mooney and have been laxed in sending them to him.Sorry Tom.
  11. My opinion,i wouldn't go anywhere near the car for 14,000.If the interior has benn redone why is the center console not finished?The top of it should have woodgrain inserts in them.Makes me wonder where else the owner cut corners.The only thing i see that the car has that i like are the headrests.Like i said,my opinion.Tom
  12. Well,how about some pictures???And as Thriller has already stated,welcome to the forum.
  13. First thing i would do would be to check the block and see if it's a real KX motor.
  14. Ed,it was my glasses.It reads BOLT CIRCLE 5-4 3/4".Didn't take the time to read bolt circle and figure out what they ment.
  15. They show both 4 3/4 and 5" for that wheel if i looked at it right.
  16. Is it down for upgrade,repairs or hacked again?
  17. i'am with you MrEarl.Enough of this politically correct bulls^!t.
  18. We have a large group comming from the Northeast Ohio chapter and were staying right around the corner from Roberta.Hope to see you all there. Tom
  19. I'am trying to restore a used console i purchashed for my 67 Riv.Would like to know what the correct black paint would be?Thanks,Tom
  20. I take it your not interested in the pictures i send. I've never heard back from you one way or the other.Tom
  21. Need a good set or whatever you have for a 66 Riv.Shipping would be to 44144.Thanks and let me know. Tom