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  1. I believe the Akron,Oh. chapter is going to host it.
  2. Very good condition 45.00 shipped to the lower 48. Tom
  3. I've got one from a 66.Don't know if they are interchangeable.Let me know if your interested. Tom
  4. Anyone need parts moved from the Cleveland area south to the Crossville Tenn. area?I'am leaving 6-28 to pick up a enclosed 5X8 trailer that will be empty on the way home.
  5. Anyone from the Boston area comming to Flint for the National? I have a 67 Riviera console,steering colum and front drums that i need moved.Will help with your fuel bill.Thanks for any help. Tom
  6. I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona if your interested!
  7. The site you listed won't link up.
  8. I think it's on Ebay now with a BIN of 5250.00.
  9. I think the base is from a dual quad chevy 409 motor and it has a Buick lid.
  10. Where's Patrick?He's working on the SuperWildcat emblems so put him on these.
  11. Anybody interested in it just let me know as i'am only twenty minutes away.
  12. Tony,i'am surprised no one commented on the optional shifter knob on the Granville.You listed all the options but forgot this one.
  13. Where did you find that tail lite? Oh and the rest of the car is beautiful to. Tom
  14. Tried to email but it's a bad address.Pictures,location and asking price always a big help.
  15. Bill,my mistake on our local dues.They were just raised last year to 20.00 not 30.00 dollars.I don't have a problem with 35.00 and 20.00 but 50.00 and 20.00 i still don't think will go over to well.
  16. With the economy the way it is and you want to raise the dues to 50.00? You guys must have rocks in your head.This is bad timming and wouldn't be well recieved.Take into consideration the local dues,ours are 30.00. That's 80.00 and it's not going to fly. My .02 Tom
  17. Asking price,location and pictures always help.
  18. I have a 66 shrould.Post your email address and i'll send you pictures if interested. Tom
  19. Tony,did you notice the rear seat fold down arm rest and the lack of in the front?Odd to say the least.