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  1. Speaking of Roadhawk's i still have one for sale if anyone is looking. Tom
  2. I've got a nice complete one but i would want top dollar for it.It's from a Calif. car.
  3. I will check tomorrow and get back to you guys.
  4. Non posi.No buckets.Good 455 and trans.Body rough.In Cleveland,Oh
  5. Non posi.No buckets.good 455 and trans.Body rough.
  6. 500.00 a set shipped in lower 48.I have sets for 64-65 and 66 Nailheads.
  7. It's a skylark GS and yes it sounds like he'll be keeping it.
  8. Have you tried NAPA?I just had them get me a front mount for a 92 riv.This was just yesterday i picked it up. Tom
  9. What's your e-mail address and where are you located? Tom
  10. Back to the top for some nice gift ideas.I recieved mine today and John is a very good guy to deal with.
  11. And it will still be worth about 4,000.Dude,when are you going to lean.You can't polish a turd! It's still a turd when your done.
  12. Geez's,i know the truth hurts but come on.I have feelings to.
  13. Why did you ask what it was worth as you had no idea?Now,when someone gives it to you in black and white it's not enough and you'll keep it yourself.Take it to the B-J auction as you must already know what the car is worth.Don't bother with pictures until you come back to reality.
  14. John,I'll take a pressure and a depth gauge,Shipping to 44111 Cleveland,Ohio? Thanks,Tom
  15. Jeff,Mailed out today.Should arrive in approx. three days. Thanks.
  16. Way to many deer between your house and Lordstown.Stay away Keith,stay far away!
  17. Jeff,hows fifty for the pair shipped to your door?
  18. I've got a 72,000 mile riviera that i'am parting out.No buckets and no posi.Cleveland,Oh.If your looking for anything let me know. Thanks,Tom
  19. Only need the one but it must be a very nice one. Thanks,Tom
  20. Cut your losses and get out now!Part it and recoupe what you have in it.The car is rare yes but it's a money pit.