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  1. It's sold. Anyone on here get it?
  2. Just how much do you think those wheel lip moldings are going to sell for?
  3. Anyone have one or know where I might find one?I can find the return or low pressure hose but not the high pressure side.Thanks, Tom
  4. That's it.Yes I'll take it.PM me with payment info and I'll get you my shipping info. Thank you very much,Tom.
  5. I think I've tracked down the part # for the reservoir.It's 7840654.Tom I can't find tour email addy to send pictures. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Tom
  6. Tom,will email picture. Can't get it to load,file to large.It's a 83 Riv convertible with rear disc. Tom
  7. Thanks for the info Tom but it's definitely a externally mounted power steering reservoir. Tom
  8. I need a power steering reservoir that is mounted on the drivers inner fender.I guess they had a couple different designs.The one I have has a crack in it.Anyone know what I might try to seal it with? Thanks,Tom
  9. Update......I bought the tail lights and they wer delivered yesterday.Sorry guys I should have let everyone know. Tom
  10. John,If I get the tail lites I'll take this also. Thanks,Tom
  11. John,interested in your ornament. Price with shipping to 44124. Thanks,Tom
  12. John,Put me second in line if Paul passes.Shipping would be to 44124. Also interested in a 65 Skylark hood ornament if you have one. Thanks,Tom
  13. John, This is a 7 year old thread.Car is either gone or has 100,000 miles on it by now.
  14. Did anyone ever make a aftermarket aluminum dual carb intake for these? I think I have one laying around and it looks like the one pictured.
  15. Door to door for a in-op for 700.00 is cheap.Sounds like very good service time frame wise also. I'm thinking this was opened transport? You should post the contact info. Tom
  16. Thanks Robert. Will pass the info along. I'll try and remember to take my camera next time I stop over to see him and get some pictures. Tom
  17. A friend of mine ran across a 50 Hearse that's been sitting in a garage since 1973. Very complete and running but the tanks on the radiator are just about beyond repair. I'm pretty sure 50 thru 52 Roadmaster will work. Any help would be appricated. Located in Parma,Ohio. Thanks, Tom
  18. You have got to get this in your head now. "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission."
  19. Tony,are you still looking for a 73 Caddy?If so a friend of mine has one for sale and i can put you in touch with him.Let me know,Tom