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  1. look on ebay, seen two,one looks real nice
  2. WILBER,Checked out that website.Asked for a price quote for a conversion set up for my 65 riviera gran sport.The company is in Sydney Australia so i would figure a fair amount of the 1,340.00 price tag is for shipping.Stainless steel braided lines could be had for an extra 150.00 dollars.I have no idea if this is a fair price or not. Anyone have any idea don't be afraid to put your 2-cents in.Seems like a nice person to deal with.
  3. take your parts and stick them up your @$$.your not trying to be fair about anything,your being greedy.guys like you should not be allowed to post on this site anymore.
  4. just recieved a flyer in the mail from Clark's Corvair Part's. they are in the process of reproduceing door panels for 63-65 riviera's.if your interested you can check them out at www.corvair.com
  5. just recieved my OLD CARS PRICE GUIDE in the mail yesterday. it shows 63/64 riviera's at 23,000.00 for a#1 car. this price guide is not the bible, but at least you have a ballpark figure to go by.i don't agree with it alot of times but use it for a referance. same guide shows a #1 65 riv gran sport at 21,000. just my opinion, a 63/64 riv isn't worth anything near a 65 g.s. like the other post said. " it's what the car is worth to you"
  6. my 74 riviera doesn't have a rear defogger. found a factory blower type on ebay. looked up the options that were offered in 74 and was suprised to see buick offered both types. does anyone know why? i know the blower type were the first style and the electric works better.
  7. could someone tell me what intermediate GM's and what years will work?
  8. looking for a rear bumper and a set of rally wheels. where are you located and can you help me out? if so,how much? thanks!!!how much for whole car?
  9. have a complete set of 64-65 riviera wire wheel covers for sale. these are still in the original GM boxes.centers have black backing with riviera "R" in the center. will also fit 63. asking 400.00 will not seperate.
  10. found a 61 le sabre bubble top for sale. car has been in garage since 1982.completely original with 43,000 miles on it.the car will need body work but the owner is asking a 1,000.00 for it. i'am not interested in it but i thought i would let everyone else know about it.
  11. interested in your limited-some pictures and your location would help.
  12. still looking for a set of new or like new rally wheels for my 76 limited, center caps not important.
  13. found a 12,000 original park ave, full documention,original owner and it has the really rare 40/40 bucket seat option.the bad newes, the owner is firm at $12,000.00 for the car. does anyone think this car is worth this kind of money.
  14. PLEASE HELP!!!! looking for a set of like new rally wheels for a 1976 limited. 71-78 are the same. should have a rim code of 895 and a B.C. code of WK. center caps not important.
  15. looking for a set of 1976 rally wheels center caps noy important. must be like new or very good condition. thanks for any help.