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  1. The car really looks good in person. Did it keep you dry on the way home with all the rain?
  2. What was wrong with the one on Ebay?
  3. Thank you, I passed the info along.
  4. For the right amount of money......... Anything is for sale!!
  5. A friend of mine found a 54 Special sitting in a garage with 38,000 original miles on it. It has one broken tail light that needs replaced,both wing window handles and two side windows handles. Any info on where to get wiper re-fills would also be appreciated. P.S. He changed the fluids.Went thru the brakes,including new wheel cylinders and is now driving the wheels off it. Thanks, Tom
  6. Not correct John. 64 Wildcat Chrome Road Wheels and 65 Buick Chrome Road Wheels were the only 2" center cap hole dia. thru the run of wheels until 1971. The center hole dia. on the 71 thru 78 Chrome Road Wheel was also 2". 1966 thru 1970 was 2 1/8".
  7. Or........ you could start with the correct rims and go from there.
  8. Looks like you had a nice melon crop this year.
  9. Get in touch with Old Sweaty Teddy Nagel. I'm sure he can point you in the right direction. Tom
  10. http://motors.vindy.com/motors/1954-buick-roadmaster-struthers-oh-used-535667733-d
  11. Called to make reservations tonight and no room rates available yet.I could have booked at 219.00 per nite but decided to wait till room rates are established.
  12. I'll be there fri. and sat. Hope to see you. Tom
  13. I guess I should have asked if they were all new ones.I just noticed from your picture you have the year written on them.If not new I'll pass. Tom
  14. Keith, Interested in the 10 large ones. Do they all have the 12 rods to hold the Bugles in place? Tom