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  1. Looks like you had a nice melon crop this year.
  2. Speaking of Roadhawk's i still have one for sale if anyone is looking. Tom
  3. Tony,i'am surprised no one commented on the optional shifter knob on the Granville.You listed all the options but forgot this one.
  4. Tony,did you notice the rear seat fold down arm rest and the lack of in the front?Odd to say the least.
  5. I didn't know you could DELETE the bumper strips.My dad had a 73 Regency with the same pillow top interior.It was a yellow 4DR with a black top and interior.Not as nice as this one.
  6. General question to all who follow this thread.Do you guys think the prices will fall on the huge boats that we've all talked about in this thread?With fuel prices steadly climbing up are the boat prices comming down?I have no intentions of selling any of mine but i am watching what shows i will be attending due to the fuel prices.These car lots with the big cars for sale have to be feeling the affects of the gas prices. Comments? Thanks Tom
  7. It's a shame that the car wasn't taken off.The interior pictures look pretty bad.Oh well,i guess we can't all be car nuts. Tom
  8. Thanks Rob,i couldn't find any info anywhere. Tom
  9. I'am still trying to find out about the short skirts on the black 75 Electra.Anyone have any info on them? Thanks Tom
  10. Does anyone know if those are factory skirts? I didn't know you could get short ones in 75.I knew it was offered on the 70 rivieras.And yes Tony i agree with you. Tom
  11. Forty five hundred and change for a 72 four door Maverick was alot of money for that car.Tom
  12. Tony,have you seen the Granville convet. on ebay?Don't know how to post the link but take a look.Very,very nice car with a very steep asking price.Great color combo. Tom
  13. Bill,i looked for the wagon but could only come up with some sale ads and a few wagon pieces for sale.Do you have a link or item number? Thanks Tom
  14. Shaffer,you are correct. First time around it was bid to 3,850.I emailed the owner and he is a BCA member and seems like a nice guy. Says he has 8,000 in reciepts for the car and just can't let it go for much less than his BIN price.I'am surprised he hasn't jumped in on this thread.I have no idea why the pre 73 cars bring so much more in the way of price but i would even take a 72 or older over a 73 and newer.Maybe it's the front bumper i don't know.Tom
  15. Jake,it's early production and i believe only in Dec,64.Tom Mooney has been tracking the small emblem cars trying to get a guess-ta-ment on total production numbers.I hope he sees this and will chime in with his knowledge on the subject.Something like 325 or 350 cars produced and from what i've heard the cars are worth more. Tom
  16. Same color vinyl top only it had a big hole in it. It's back on ebay again. The owner is a BCA member and i was wondering if he's seen this thread? Tom
  17. Shaffer,looks like you have almost a twin to the 73 buick wagon i posted about.
  18. Nice car but it needs white walls and road wheels. i think that would really set the triple black off.Tom
  19. ASC was the American Sunroof Company.I don't know if they were exclusive to Buick or did all GM's. My 74 Riviera GS has a thick padded 1/2 white vinyl top that was put on by the ASC company.I have the original dealer invoice that shows were the dealer sent it out to have it done.Another interesting option on my car is two antennas from the dealer.It came with the factory one in the windshield and the guy had the dealer put an electric one on the car also.This is also documented on the dealer invoice. Tom
  20. OK,Tony,Brian,Philippe,and anyone else who wants to chime in here.This 73 Estate Wagon has been on Ebay for months and the guy can't sell it.Item #260076865615 i don't know how to link it but i'am sure you guys know which one i'am talking about.It's the one with the ASC sunroof in it down in Fla.What's wrong with this car that nobody wants it?Seems like a nice car to me so what am i missing here? Thanks Tom
  21. Keith,is that a genuine GM option? Tom
  22. Lamar,not working for me either. Tom
  23. Tony,As to the"take off bumper guards". I wouldn't be afraid to bet it had something to do with the garage door not closing.
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