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  1. The 3 pieces of literature have been sold. The shop manuals are still available. $35 for both of them shipped.
  2. The 3 pieces of litersture have been sold. Shop manuals still available. $35 shipped for both of them.
  3. I got a request for more info on the literature pieces. These are probably more valuable than the shop manuals. Ive folded out and photo both sides of the first two listed. The “Features and Facts” (third one) are a 5”x7” 182 page ring bound booklet. These show all the available interiors and exterior colors and materials. The second one lists all the available factory options and their prices. I’ll try to answer any further questions.
  4. I’ve posted these in another section but it might be more appropriate here.
  5. The books have been sold. Thanks, Doug.
  6. Seventy Years of Buick The Buick a Complete History Prefer to sell as a set. Both of these are in very good to excellent condition. Looks like both together sell for about $48 plus shipping on Amazon. Sell for $35 and I’ll pay shipping in conus.
  7. Here I have the chassis service manual and body service manual for 1962 full size Buicks. I also have the 62 Buick Color Trim and Accessories folder, Color Chart with chips, and the 62 dealer Buick Features and Facts in a small ring binder. All of this literature is OEM, not reprints. It is clean and in good, but not perfect condition. I would like to sell it as a complete set. $55 for everything pictured and I’ll pay the shipping in conus.
  8. - Orlando - cars+trucks - apr 13. It's a Lesabre 2 door Ht with 18,000 miles, asking $5000. I'm not associated in any way with the seller nor do I have any direct knowledge of the car.
  9. Thanks for posting the article. I found the reference to Dynaflows to be not entirely accurate as a properly sealed dynaflow does not present a real leakage problem. Certainly no worse than other automatics of the period. Technical inaccuries also. eg: "dynaflow varies the pitch of the torque converter". Actually varies the pitch of the first stator blades which alters the stall speed thus the converter ratio. We already have a whole group of "modern" dynaflows in the form of CVT's. I currently own a Ford Freestyle with the CVT. It behaves differently from a dynaflow but gives the same solid, consistent thrust on acceleration. Other designs are near production - notably the IVT - infinitely variable transmission. ToroTrac is the trade name for a roller version of this trans that may soon see production. Any of these designs provide, in theory, a much improved driving experience over a conventional step gear auto. Trouble is, so many drivers only frame of reference is with rising rpm, shift, rising rpm feel. They initially do not appreciate the huge advantage of always having just the right ratio. The feel is foreign to them and therefore it seems wrong. The "hydristor" is a fascinating design that would appear to have just as much development potential as these other designs. Thanks again for the reference.
  10. Be careful! This is not just a torque converter. It is a five element assembly that forms the entire drive system for "D" positon. Inside the converter are two turbines, a pump, a fixed vane stator and a variable pitch stator. The vp stator requires a special tool (or a large socket can sometimes be used) to avoid spilling sprags, rollers and bearings on disassembly. Make sure you know what your doing before trying to disassemble this unit. The converter is removed by first removing the cover screws, the cover and then removing the bolt and thrust washer from the input shaft. Steele rubber products revulcs the trans supports.
  11. Any 61-63 Dynaflow (from fullsize car), will interchange with any other. The shift lever (on the trans) is different on the Riv and will have to be changed out if the unit comes from a fullsize car. This requires removal of the tailshaft housing.
  12. Try Bill Griffin at Griffin Buick Parts or Buick Farm or CARS inc. The fronts are relatively easy to find. As I recall the 62 Wagons use 61 Wagon tail lights.
  13. Try Jim Hughes Sr. Dynaflow Repair Service. Perrysburg OH. 419-874-2393. I'm not associated with him but have heard good things about his business.