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  1. I have fixed cardboard by wetting it and putting weights on it for flat pieces and letting dry. More creative I suppose for curves. Fibreglass resin is a good strengthener. It sticks to everything.
  2. Yes what d2 Willys said. That is a very high voltage capacitor and there is little chance it will still be functional after all these years. Vibrators get replaced when it is the high voltage capacitors that are just plain wore out.
  3. I thought it was a lifter noise when I listened to your video. The noise goes away when you pour oil down the tube because it is blocked by the oil. Just for fun, see if the noise is in synch with any of the rockers....
  4. I had this happen too ,and had to cut it off eventually and never found a replacement but I am wondering if you could fit a new aftermarket balancer if it had the proper shaft hole size.The 324 is internally balanced so as long as it fit....finding one in good shape original might be tough cuz the rubber goes bad...and of course you know they rebuild them...but for sure you would want to know they test them for vibration...which is the main job of it.
  5. Glen,I have sent you 2 private messages but there seems to be to record of them in my sent folder so I don't know if you are getting them or just what.Let me know if you haven't heard from me.
  6. Have sent message, many thanks for the quick reply. Trim can be so difficult at times, really should have one of these manuals, I bet they are very informative.
  7. Does anyone have a parts book that can tell me if the 1. drivers door trim and the 2. rear quarter passenger side trim from the super 88 sedan will fit a holiday sedan (second picture). Pictures 3 and 4 are of a holiday sedan.Note that the door trim needs to be 40 1/2 inches, as marked on the door.Also note that the rear quarter trim has the small flare that meets the door as opposed to some trim that has a much wider flare. thanks pete
  8. Don't think that exists as I have looked around.This is a project on my list since I have just taken my headliner down a month or so ago. My plan is likely to buy perforated vinyl that equals the original, you can buy white and spray it the color-red in my case-cheaply or buy the real deal at auto fabric place(much more expensive) and my plan is to sew it myself, or maybe yours isn't perforated, and so it all depends how original you want to be...or if you or someone you know can sew stuff....keep in mind the headliner is in individual strips sewn together so it may not take as much material a
  9. When the car is jacked up and the suspension is hanging,the pressure on the front springs isn't all that great,and so ,if you are doing a front end rebuild,using a trolley jack under the arms, after all important linkage is disconnected, you can undo the pivot point, keeping jack tension on, and releasing it when fasteners are free.I had my front end all apart,never recall using a spring compressor.....keep some steel dowels handy for hole alignment when reinstalling....if you have shitty tools ....don't take chances.
  10. 1956 OLDSMOBILE 88 SUPER 88 98 ORIGINAL SHOP MANUAL CANADIAN ISSUE ALSO FOR USA | eBay This is a canadian one,cheapest one I see but exact same as american....best investment you can make if you want to fix this car,otherwise you will be lost.Take my advice. I know my book from cover to cover....still scratching my head at times. Do yourself a favor and get the manual.Not a waste of money.Very hard to answer completely all your questions here...you must get the book.
  11. The rubbers are just dust shields...the cheapest part of the lot. I did my suspension a long time ago with various parts collected off of ebay at more reasonable prices than what you are in for. Actually the whole front end rebuild kit is available on ebay, I think it is $400 plus range which isn't too bad considering the work involved to install it.Those bushing are tough to get out.Make sure the parts are worn before you do this,I think the spring tension has to be off and then it is obvious. The adjustable bushings are more expensive and control alignment,have an acme thread on them.Big too
  12. It is not the tube itself, that would be easy, but it is the oval shaped-more oblong rubber grommet affair that has to fit the hole and seal it and not leak around it and the tube is connected to that. A famous rust trap.
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