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  1. We are restoring our cities 1920 Seagrave fire engine. The last thing we need to find is the Stromberg choke mechanism that mounts on the steering column. We actually have the "clamp/mount, all we need is the brass choke mechanism that pushes and pulls the choke wire. I'll attach a pic if I can. Any leads would be helpful. My email is jbcactus@c-zone.net. you can check out our fire engine restoration at www.livermorehistory.com Sure hope we can find this baby. Jim Boehmke Livermore, CA 925-447-6670
  2. Custom made on a 1977 Jimmy cab/chassis. An ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<ST1:place w:st="on">Arizona</ST1:place></st1:State> company custom made these for only two years. It’s called a Casa Grande. They are highly sought after and perform very well. I know of a few guys that actually collect them and others do a full ground up restoration and some have sold for over $20K! It has lots of storage space under the bench seats, two closets, child sleeping area over the front seats, sink, locking gun safe, propane stove and bench seats that fold out to make a nice bed and A/C works fine.Under one of the bench seats I have spares to fix anything that could break when you're in the outback: starter, gasket set, water pump, belts, fuel filter, A/C clutch face & tools, Air pump, Alternator, Complete distributor cap, Fuel filters, Fuel pump, GM tech manual.<O:p></O:p> <O:p></O:p> It also has front bumper carriers which carry 2 six gallon plastic jugs. One jug is set up for a portable shower which is really handy when you're out in the boondocks. There is florescent lighting and incandescent as well. Radio works also. There is also a trailer hitch that can bolt on. It has power steering. Radiator is perfect and cools in desert when it's 120F!<O:p></O:p> The fiberglass roof has a spring loaded scissors mechanism that allows the roof to pop up another three feet.<O:p></O:p> <O:p></O:p> It is 4 wheel drive, tires are BF Goodrich like new, engine is 350 V8 and runs perfect. Cruse control is not working. Rear end has over load leaf springs installed. Camper has a total of 123,734 miles.<O:p></O:p> When the camper had 30,000 miles the engine block cracked in cold weather and a brand new Chevy 350 motor was put in at that time. So, there's only 93,734 miles on the engine right now. These rigs are pretty rare. They will go anywhere and are really solid. <O:p></O:p> $6750 I'm in LIvermore,CA call 925-447-6670 or cell 925-918-1523 I'll send you some pictures if you're interested.
  3. Original windlace rubber for TOP of door opening. I have additional sets of the ORIGINAL style windlace rubber which mounts OVER the door opening on ’30-’31 coupes, Tudor sedans, c.c. pickups & sedan deliverys. NO upholstery kits include this ORIGINAL style windlace. You cover these 90 degree, flanged, rubber tubes with your upholstery material & tuck the excess material into the ends of the tube. The windlace rubber is made as per FORD Originals. These exact copies will look like FORD & seal like FORD. Sets are top quality EPDM rubber & are 30” long. I had these made for my ’31 coupe in order to make it exactly like Ford did. Instructions included. $65 a set includes postage. Email for pics. Satisfaction guaranteed or FULL $65 refunded! Call or email if interested. Jim. 925-447-6670, cell 925-918-1523
  4. 1930-1931 RAIN GUTTERS for Model A COUPES, 4ft long, (20 ga.steel). First time available. Same dimensions as originals. No tiny rolled "upset" on the bottom. Lengths are straight. Tack weld the end to a steel wheel or the like and bend cold to form the shallow curve over the quarter window. Curve along the length of the body is done by clamping and tack welding as you go. Pics available. Price per set is $140, FREE Shipping in US.
  5. Stock Model A Crankshaft, Perfectly ground to my rigid specs. Indexing is perfect. Mains are -30, rods are -20, not bent, not cracked. Price: $425, That's what I’ve invested. FREE SHIPPING! Guarantee satisfaction. I'm in Livermore, CA 925-447-6670 or cell 925-918-1523 email jbcactus@c-zone.net
  6. I'm trying to build the "perfect" motor. Will pay your realistic asking price. Would appreciate any tips or leads. Jim. 825-447-6670. Livermore, CA cell 925-918-1523
  7. I'd like to buy an old Barrett Brake-Dokter. This units attached to the rear hub or front spindle of cars in the 1930's and '40's. The electric motor allowed you to sand newly installed brake shoes while they were mounted on the car. This would be very nice to have when I'm doing brake jobs for guys in our car club. Thanks, Jim Boehmke, 925-447-6670, cell: 925-918-1523
  8. This is a '65 Cobra 427 Replica, CALIF. REGISTERED SB100.It is Brand new and has only been driven 100 miles in order to fine tune it. I'm running this ad for my pal JOE.(Retired mechanical engineer) CALL him in Livermore at 925-443-3091. Joe has just finished this beauty after 7yrs & roughly 8000hrs! He hand built everything from the tubular chassis to the steering wheel! I've been around these cars for 20yrs,& this is one of the best I have ever seen. 351 Ford Stroked, Ford 9" independent rear suspension. The workmanship on this piece is impeccable. The entire body has been strengthened, reenforced and all flairs, angles,& dangles are deadnuts perfect. If you want to own the best smog exempt Cobra in Calif. This Is It. Call Joe for a look-see and test ride. You will be duly impressed. Price is $35000. I took some pics for him, so email me if you would like to see what this work of art looks like.
  9. 1930 Model A Ford, Deluxe Coupe, with trunk,not rumble. Car is original and unrestored and was purchased on Apr. 1, 1980 from Carl Carlin of Livermore,CA for $6000. It was a running car, stored in his barn across the road from the city dump on Vasco Rd. It had 50,000 on the odometer at that time. It now reads 19,000. This Model A has been in Livermore for the past 50 years. Carl?s nephew drove it up from Fresno about 20 years before I bought it. Someone replaced the vinyl roof with a sheet of aluminum, so all top wood will be well preserved. I have driven this car daily and it has been faithfully garaged & maintained, but never restored. It has an original 40 HP Ford Model A motor and everything on the car operates correctly. The chassis and body are very complete and everything is functional, original mechanical brakes, original shocks, headlights, fenders, bench seat, rear spare tire, etc. There is no rot, rust-through, or ?cancer?. The car has been a daily driver and because the motor is original, I have never driven it over 35 MPH. The asking price is $12,500 OBO. Please email me DIRECT at jbcactus@c-zone.net if you would like a few pics. Thanks Jim: 925-447-6670 or cell 925-918-1523
  10. here's a new website to post for sale or wanted. A text only ad is free. Real nice guy runs the site. Give it a try. Jim Boehmke. www.onlinecollectorcartrader.com
  11. please email me and I can then send a pic, jbcactus@c-zone.net thanks, Jim
  12. This is an original, unrestored 1930 Ford coupe that has been in our family for almost 30 years. The car is licensed and can be driven daily. The motor runs fine and everything works well. Good tires,upholstery intact, has trunk-not rumble seat. Complete and unmolested right down to the original,functioning, shock absorbers and mechanical brakes. $15K OBO. Call Jim in Livermore,CA, 925-447-6670 or cell 925-918-1523, I can send a pic if you want.
  13. 1937 Packard 4-Door Sedan Straight 8 cyl. If You are Looking for a Gem in the Rough, This is it ! The car drives well and Runs well. Rebuilt Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinders, New Brake Lines and Shoes. E-Mail RSmith0208@aol.com or Call: Cell # 925-998-0645, 925-963-4266, 925-997-6333 , You can test drive this baby in Dublin, CA. I can send you pics and answer any questions.
  14. BARRETT BRAKE DRUM GAGE. This is a special gage for a shoe sanding machine called the Brake Dokter by Barrett. I have the complete machine, but would love to buy the drum gage that originally came with it. I'll pay your TOP dollar. Thanks, Jim Boehmke, Livermore, CA, PLease call me at 925-447-6670 or cell 925-918-1523
  15. Looking for an old Brake-Dokter shoe sander that mounts to the rear hub or front spindle. It's made by Barrett. Any leads would be a great help. I do volunteer work for many older guys that can no longer do their own work, but still love driving their antique car around and this machine would be nice to have. Thanks, Jim, 925-447-6670 Cell 925-447-6670
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