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  1. That would be a great deal my opinion. You'll never get your original engine rebuilt or running for that money. Did your engine have the 2 barrel carb or 4 barrel? Not that it truly matters. If the 53 is running then install and go!
  2. No apology necessary. I understand your frustration. I really like the 78 and 79 Estate Wagons, but in my experience, they were good for their day, but never powerhouses. A solid vehicle can best be enhanced by sourcing older, more potent engines. The good news is that Oldsmobile engines have so much similarity in appearance that one would never know what lies under the 2 miles or so of vacuum hoses in that '79. 😁 But an older engine will present its own set of complications. I was just about to post the comments below when you made your last entry here. But now It sounds to me like the problem lies in your rebuilt transmission. Anyway, for what it's worth, here is what I was going to say. ( I guess this means I did actually say it though) Jon's comments about the disparity in the primary and secondary side on the quadrojet (for towing applications) are very interesting. And without being an engineer I have been thinking about what he said and how this might be adjusted for in your present engine. Here are some random thoughts: * I remember reading that the vacuum advance unit comes into play at idle to help the engine run cooler. I do not understand why this happens, and perhaps I read that incorrectly. * I wonder what is the source of vacuum for the vacuum advance on your engine. Is it ported, or manifold? As I understand it, ported is below the throttle plates, and manifold is above the throttle plates? * Assuming you have some vacuum when running on the primary side alone, then, if I read the vacuum situation right, the vacuum advance is in play during highway cruising resulting in a cooler running engine. However I imagine you have much less vacuum when the secondaries are employed with loss of any vacuum advance advantage resulting in a hotter running engine. * If your vacuum source is ported, then I have to wonder if switching to manifold would be of some correction? * If not, then I also wonder if prep for a towing situation should include a timing adjustment for more advance to begin with? Of course, too far advanced will impact how it turns over to start. And ultimately I have to wonder if this vehicle would not be best enhanced with a computer controlled fuel injection application vs a carb. Naturally I have not done any research on any of this. It is all just random conjecture...
  3. Brought the '56 to last nite's edition of the Hemmings Cruise in. Drove around the reservoir and stopped at this picturesque location. and soon learned that it was not a good place to take a photo. Not good because since the road was repaved it is now frequented by speeding large trucks, and there is limited sight due to the curves in the road. This made me conscious of getting the pictures quickly and resulted in poor quality photos, again. I did get these: Honestly, I have the wrong camera for my ability. But I am not in a position to replace it at this point. So I'll have to just try to adapt. Anyway, here are some cars from the event that I thought noteworthy. A very nice '68 GS convertible! Refinished with drivability in mind, thus lightly resto-moded. One can't see the 4 wheel disc brakes, but other stuff is recognizable. Still a very nice job considering the description of the work performed. This fellow has owned this car for 40 years, A cute MGB And some Oldsmobiles One more '56 pic in front of a large old and historic church in Bennington. Maybe I should have gone inside and asked for help with this camera?
  4. Fueled up before heading out to tonights Hemmings Cruise in. Taking my 10% adjustment II'llcall it 210 miles. That puts me at roughly 580 so far this year. The odometer pic came out blurry so will try again on the next fill up.
  5. Seafoam in the gas is a good start. But it misses the upper air horn and the throttle butterfly shafts.
  6. Why not get one or two cans of carb cleaner and just blast it while its on the engine? Inside the airhorn, primary and secondary, and see if it becomes acceptable? Seems you'd have nothing to lose by trying.
  7. Warm June nights are perfect for a ride! And the GS just keeps making the rides so pleasant But, tonight was extra special. With lingering clouds from a late day rain storm, and exceptionally light traffic I finally got a few pictures I have been wanting to get since I moved here 20 years ago. Hope it counts that the GS got me to this spot tonight! 😉 Yet, there was one additional spot for a Buick sunset
  8. What is that wide open throttle switch? Never saw one of those in a Buick powered Wagon. It would seem that when activated by putting your foot into it, the AC would shut down automatically? I wonder if this is an underlying cause of several problems.
  9. Here is the diagram for the 1956 Buick Wiper switch vacuum hose routing. I do not know if it is the same for '55. I do not know if a '55 diagram exists. However, I believe they are the same or very similar.
  10. In my '56, which has the same switch, the top floats freely within it's range of movement. That is because the tiny diameter hose is yet to be replaced and so it is disconnected at the "T" fitting under the hood. It does control the sweep width and wiper speed. When you go wide, the wipers will cycle slowly and sweep all the way from the bottom of the window in the center, to the extent of their travel which is to the curvature of the windshield. When you select fast the wipers will cycle in a narrow range in front of the driver and passenger and will sweep 2X faster than when wide. I cannot recall where I saw the diagram for the '56 wiper and I am not sure it is the same for the '55. But I will look for it today
  11. When I took my Uncle Phil ( the model A guy) for a ride in my GS his first question was; Did you rebuild this engine? I looked at him and said, Uncle Phil. This is a Buick! It only has 50,000 on it. Why would I rebuild it? lol
  12. @Mudbone Nice Video. Liked the background music too!
  13. Does not look like a ground, just a way to keep that wire from falling onto a hot manifold.
  14. It used to be among my favorite colors! 😁
  15. May I ask who created this list and where it was found?
  16. Back road cruisin this evening. With a surprising sunset!
  17. I can't help with that. I use the competitor for that phone, and a MS pc.
  18. Here is a quick instruction on posting a picture. When making a post click on this button next to the black arrow. then choose your picture from your device When the picture loads on the site it will show below that line with the arrow. If you want to put a picture in between what you write, place the cursor where you want the picture and click on the plus sign (+) that is shown on the file you just uploaded. Otherwise what ever you upload will just be added after your last typed sentence. There will also be a little trash can on the picture you uploaded. If you don't want to post a picture you uploaded, click on the little trash can to remove it from the site.
  19. In 2003 I had my '56's tank done by a GasTank Renu franchise in my area. Knocked out a major dent and repaired a small leak. That car was fueled with ethanol gas, but started and used sparingly till about 6 years ago. Since then I have increased usage significantly but I am also lucky to live in an area where I can get non-ethanol fuel at multiple locations. To date the tank has never given me any problem. It wasn't cheap. Unfortunately neither is anything else of quality in this hobby. But uninterrupted driving down the road, with confidence that I made the best repair possible, is priceless!
  20. Welcome, and nice car. Sounds like it is as solid as it looks. But regarding the wiring harness, I would say that the car deserves a quality harness, and so do you. I'd be careful about looking for a bargain on that type of thing in this hobby. That said however, pick up a copy of Hemmings Motor News, as there might be several other businesses doing that type of work. That will allow you to make some calls and compare
  21. A picture would help us to identify what you are referring to.
  22. AMEN! lol... I told you to giggle the switch. 😃