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  1. I went along with my sweetheart Linda and our son Doug. They only had a white-gold one on the floor but three more outside for test drives. Here's what I noticed: The white-gold paint is superb, but I wouldn't buy one because it looks like any repair would require a complete repaint. The test drivers were CX models. All with v6's, which I am more interested in anyway. But I would want a CXL with the v6 plus the dual exhaust tips and fog lights. ---unfortunately, not available. The test drivers all had bench seats. I would only buy buckets. The car rode nice. It was quiet and tight. Power seemed adequate. But the price of the options really pushes the overall price up, and fast too. I think I'll wait a while. Rumor has it there may be another Buick Prototype in the works, with an R logo. At least that's the talk on the ROA maillist. JD
  2. I like this view of one set of hood ornaments:
  3. What's the nature of your project, restoration or modified? JD
  4. Awesome. Neat job too. My 56 had an aftermarket reciever hitch on it. It was so heavy, and a bit uneven too. I never had the reciever for it and it hid the license plate in the rear. Since I didn't need to hide my identity and since I didn't think I'd ever use the car to tow anything, I took it off. I bet it would have been a class IV if such a thing were even made. JD
  5. Oh man! What a beautiful car that is!!! JD
  6. This sounds like the starter switch. I had a similar problem once when I carelessly assembled my starter switch up side down on the 56. In my case as soon as the key was turned on it would start cranking without stepping on the accelerator. But in your case it takes a few minutes so I agree with sixpack. Carbon inside the starter switch.
  7. Oh man, outside in the rain... I hate that stuff, but that's always when the starter craps out, or the solenoid. I am glad you fixed it though. Hopefully you won't have any more trouble from these parts. JD
  8. Gotta love dem there buicks I say. Glad to hear it's fixed. JD
  9. I think the traffic on the forum pages has been somewhat lighter than in the past. I'm thinking some Buicks are getting some attention instead of the web. I should be doing the same thing. JD
  10. Whatever you do, don't show these pics to your Mom. JD
  11. Hi Kristie, please post some information about the car. How many doors ( 2 or 4) what color inside and out? What's the vin ID on the top of the dashboard? How many miles are there on the odometer? If you can post a picture or two especially of the interior that may be helpful too. JD
  12. How did you find that? What with spending all your time building massive brick patios and researching Norb's family photos and all I figured we slipped this one past ya. JD
  13. Lets see if I understand this right. You have a fine running 55 and a nice 68 Electra 2 dr? You plan to butcher the 68 Electra and bastardize the fine running 55? The 55 would probably be happier as a 55 and the 68 is probably an awesome car to begin with. And in my world 2 Buicks are better than one. I recommend you keep both, invest in a class III hitch for the Electra and use it to trailer the 55 to where you are showing it. JD
  14. If it sounds right, leave it alone for a while and run it when you can. Remember it will be totally different outside in the driveway and with the valve cover on and hood closed. It's going to get cold soon, I'd recommend you save the "stand up" jobs for the colder weather and put the pressure on the brakes. JD
  15. I don't know, If you're gonna Chevieize it, why not look for a Buick 401 or a newer 350 to drop in there? Besides, what aftermarket parts does a Buick engine need? Please explain how you figure several of the cylinders are not working when you know you have spark?
  16. Nice car Tom. I have a 69 GS 400 convertible in the same red with a black top and interior. I do love these year Skylarks although I wonder what they would look like if they had full open rear wheel welts? JD
  17. Nice photo of a Super Car!!! I'd love to have one like that
  18. That's it, you're officially a Buick Guy now...Wait till you start noticing all the different Buicks in the movies. Especially the ones about the Mob. I know the cars are there because they run and fit the era but it occurs to me that Buicks are used a lot more than other makes. And I love to see em.
  19. Hey Gary, I reached out to the fellow in our Chapter who used to work for Elliott Buick. He may not E mail you but I asked if you could e mail him or call. I'll let you know what he says. JD
  20. These are not so sophisticated that 4 cylinders could drop out at the same time. You say it started, and I see you changed everything but the spark plug wires. I'd go there next. Also, how many miles are on the engine? Is it time for the timing chain and gear replacement?
  21. I thought it said next Thursday. I wonder if the car makes more guest appearances? JD
  22. I was just sitting here working on Chapter stuff with the T.V. on in the background. A few minutes ago a commercial came on advertising a new sitcom, the Four Kings on NBC. Twice in the advertisement it shows the 4 co stars in a white 54 Buick Convertible. Shhh Don't tell Mr. Earl... JD
  23. Considering the S charger won't take more than two bottles of the oil, why look for a substitute? I think it's not more than $10.00 per bottle and I know I paid even less than that. JD
  24. Yes, we'll need some 38 owners who know the answer to this question. Maybe they can then tell if the ones that don'e spin are installed upside down. Good work on the brakes. It makes a lot of sense to change out the flex lines now too. Glad your doing it. JD
  25. Harmonic balancer is my guess. Can you find the timing mark with a timing light, and is it on the scale? If no to either, I suggest you go there first.