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  1. What do you say? How about a list of the buick goodies received. Although I don't have a picture yet, I got a 1/18th scale 53 Skylark, in red...Not a top notch model, but still very nice. JD
  2. Christmas Miracle is right... Hey Adam, how about puting that up to a sunlight backdrop and taking another picture. I'd like to see how it looks with a couple billion candle power coming through. I bet is is magnificant. The more I look at it the better it looks anyway. BTW, did you happen to see the two 53 Convertibles fro sale on e bay this week? A Super and a Roadmaster. They both have the shoulder high belt line around the doors and rear windows, and that makes the cars look so stodgey. It really makes the Skylark look so modern to have the curved belt line between the doors and rear 1/4. Again, Great Gift... JD
  3. Adam, Awesome gift. How big is that piece? JD
  4. Joe, no one can answer this question adequately. There is so much to take under consideration. Start with the frame, is it soft anywhere in the four corners under the body? Is it scale covered? How about the floor boards, weak or strong? smooth steel or pitted, and then go from there . It's easy to see that there are a lot of considerations. Then are you buying or selling? In the end you need to look it over thoroughly and then take your emotions out of the picture. In the long run if you are selling, what amount of money will not make you say " I should have kept that car?" If you're buying you must ask "what will make me feel like I didn't get taken when I look at this next week." Trust that these two things are responsible for wide fluctuations in pricing. That being said I know of one purchase of a low milage 70 Skylark in the low 1K arena. Later that owner fended off several offers in the less than 5K category. If you are buying, you might try posting some pictures here for assessment by the members, but in the end only you can answer the question you asked. Sorry JD
  5. I have a question that is so silly, I almost can't figure out how to even ask it, so let me just blurt it out. How do you keep track of and store all the stuff in your collection? You see, up to now I haven't had a lot of trivia to store, but as I look around I am finding I have stuff all over the place and it would be nice to draw it alltogether over the winter, so I have things consolidated by spring. I saw Keiths post regarding having all his 67 stuff in a 4 drawer file cabinet. That's a pretty good idea. But what else is out there for ideas? I appreciate any help on this. JD
  6. It sure looks like copper to me. I wonder how that will hold up under there? It shouldn't rust but I would think you'd have to be VERY careful of any gas line freeze. At least they got it nice and straight. Good luck JD
  7. Cool pump Sintid. I'd love to have one of these someday. I know where someone did up a newer style, with the Mobil Flying horse globe on top, and did exactly what you indicated. If I get my butt back there someday I'll take a picture. It looks so great outside inbetween the double doors of their garage, especially when they built a small pitched roof over it besides. JD
  8. I see your point. Nice thing about the BCA. As long as the color was available in that year, it is acceptable for judging purposes. White would look good with your interior. But the light metalics hide more dirt. I don't know about the black, unless we can get that white interior...Then it would be one sweet car for sure. Merry Christmas by the way...Hope to get all the babies running tomorrow for a little while. Hear it may climb to 40 Degrees. A real heat wave... JD
  9. Hey Derek, Is that a copper fuel line? What did they use there, is that like the plumbers rolled copper tubing? JD
  10. What's wrong with your color? I always thought that car is very nice in it's original dress. JD
  11. What happened?!?!? I didn't sign on for two nights and things heated up? What did I miss? JD
  12. Yes! I see visions of oil cans and gasoline stations once again. Sweet Memories.. JD
  13. Happy to say, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for whatever you and your family celebrate. And although a bit early still, I hope to meet everyone in 2006 at the Big Buick "Christmas in July " Bash in Minnesota. Till then though Happy New Year too. JD
  14. Okay, that pretty much goes back to suspension. . Wheel bearings okay? Or how about a bent brake drum? Here's one for you... I once had an 80 Caddy with a vibration similar to this. Turned out to be the rear brake drums were rotted and the outer lip was coming off in pieces, throwing the brake drums out of balance. New drums solved this problem. JD
  15. Well, I was indeed thinking of it, but alas there was never a response posted. I suppose I should have called, but then I still couldn't have seen what it looks like. No point in getting one that needs as much work as mine. JD
  16. Sounds like you've been through this front end pretty well. Can it be engine related? Harmonic balancer perhaps? Do you have a tachometer you can hook up and then note the engine speed when the vibration begins. Then stop, chock the wheels just in case, and idle up the engine while in neutral or park, to see if the vibration returns. JD
  17. Convertible with a 4 speed. And 4 lug wheels... What's the point I ask. I imagine it's quite a bit of work to switch those over, and you will need to find a parts donor with everything needed.
  18. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> and seems still mostly targeted to the LeSabre's demographic. </div></div> This is exactly what the salesman said to us when we test drove it. Honestly, sometimes it's better not to say anything, especially if people came out specifically to view "what's new". What's wrong with these people anyway? JD
  19. I have JC Taylor Antique insurance. I have this on my 56 and my 69 GS. It costs me less than a hundred dollars per year. But I do have my cars a bit undervalued for the market. I have a 56 plate on that, but standard plates on the GS. The 56 I have to register every year, the GS once every two years. The 56 reg costs me $23.00, the GS is a lot more. Both cars HAVE to be garaged. They had to have paint ( I tried to add my 69 Electra but that is in primer and they would not write the policy for that car?) Each car is limited to 2,500 miles per year, for shows and maintainence use only. In my book Maintenance includes weekend trips to exercise the kiddies. But I took the GS to Batavia and all over this summer to Lake George a few times etc. and I just met the limit on that car. The 56 has never met that limit since I've had this policy, and that's been close to 15 years ( this includes in 2003 when I took it to Flint Michigan for the centenial meet) . My recommendation is this: Determine the value of your car. Then decide what you would want for it if the car became a total loss ( fire/ theft/ vandalism) The application has been in the Bugle, so I'd call them. Then Contact Dick to see if he has the plate. Offer to buy it. The worst case is you couldn't afford it, then you can decide how to deal with the plate issue be it historical or standard plates. JD
  20. We anxiously await the day it stops on it's own. It's almost time to start thinking about insurance and registration so you can drive it down the road. JD
  21. I went along with my sweetheart Linda and our son Doug. They only had a white-gold one on the floor but three more outside for test drives. Here's what I noticed: The white-gold paint is superb, but I wouldn't buy one because it looks like any repair would require a complete repaint. The test drivers were CX models. All with v6's, which I am more interested in anyway. But I would want a CXL with the v6 plus the dual exhaust tips and fog lights. ---unfortunately, not available. The test drivers all had bench seats. I would only buy buckets. The car rode nice. It was quiet and tight. Power seemed adequate. But the price of the options really pushes the overall price up, and fast too. I think I'll wait a while. Rumor has it there may be another Buick Prototype in the works, with an R logo. At least that's the talk on the ROA maillist. JD