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  1. I'll post a picture of the 56 in a few days. While it needs paint, I want to put my Wire wheels back on first. Perhaps you saw it in Flint last summer anyway. The Yellow one with the black top. I had the crochet white bed spreads on the seats. And I had the Wheel vintiques kelsey hayes style wires on it. I parked it in the back row just in front of the music hall building with the rest of the 56 and 7's. Please tell me about the A/C set up on that century? Is it factory equipment, complete, and have you thought about selling it? John D
  2. Do you still have this car available? Is it automatic, or standard shift? 2.5 motor? Color combo?
  3. The heli-coils are in. It went pretty well, after mounting the old pump so I could use it as a guide, the 17/64 drill bit was so long I had the back of the drill against the condensor core. But after drilling, I even put the tap through the pump into the tabs on the timing chain cover, then the coils went right in. Tomorrow I hope to put it all back together.
  4. Mr. Earl. I love what you've done with your place. Those 54's are incredible. I remember seeing the 54 Roadmaster Convertible at the National meet in Rochester NY. IT was yellow and beautiful but the coolest feature to me was the frameless vent windows. Those things looked so neat. What a car!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the restoration process. But if I was you, I'd hold onto everyone of those Roadmasters. I felt a kinship to you when you said your top list of 60's favorites included the 68/69 Skylark. I bought a 69 GS 400 convertible last September. Unlike you I could not see the GS in the rear view mirror as I had to rent a U-haul truck and trailer to bring the girl home, this being a full story in itself. But the coup-de-grace is it 's a 27K original car. And I know what you mean about how it runs and drives!!!! John D 1956
  5. What a great idea! You are to be commended!!! Hats off to all who made that tour. My wife and I toured in with the Boston to Flint tour, and I think the drive over was definitely a major highlight of the meet. I hope we can do that again with the nationals over the next few years, especially if San Diego gets the nod for 2007. John and Linda De Fiore #3757
  6. My son is interested in finding a solid Lesabre T type in this age range. Hopefully under 100K. Does anyone have any leads? Thanks for your help
  7. Interesting question. I have no documentation on this, but I believe you can pull this swap off. The disc brakes on the 69 and older Buicks is the 4 piston caliper style ( like on corvettes) and I understand the spindles are different from that used in 70 and forward. Have you tried the 70 tech advisor from the BCA? Also you can try Tony Gentlicore at in Australia. He is involved in a company there which has made some amazing parts for Buicks. One set up is a dics brake conversion for the earlier Riviera's which uses some standard GM disc brake parts. He is very knowledgeable and may have direct information on your planned swap.
  8. Alright. Now we're fighting Chevys and Mopars!!! California here I come! Having a new 4 core radiator built for the GS as we speak. Damn the desert! The little lady will definitely expect to do Vegas if we drive that close anyway.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I am thinking heli coils are the correct answer. Just investigated that today. They look rather simple, as long as you get the hole straight.
  10. Right you are John. I say Fight Chevy's, and Mopars, not other BCA members. BTW, Im ready to try a road trip to California. I thought Flint was way too close from Albany NY. John D
  11. Okay, I've had enough of these cars that I should know by now, but does anyone have any ideas on how to get those smaller bolts out after they snap off? I tried drilling them and using an easy out, but the easy out snapped off inside one of them. I then had to use a carbide tipped bit and a rotary drill to get the easy out, out, and then I drilled clear through both. I soaked in pb blaster for two days but still no luck. I'm just about ready to drill these as big as the openings on the pump and then put a longer bolt and nut on em. Luckilly they are both on the top side and I could actually do that. But I'm looking for other ideas so as to keep it stock in appearance. All ideas are appreciated. Thank you John D
  12. Please let me know how you make out. I now have two 69's to do this on.
  13. My local NAPA has this additive, so they claim. I haven't tried it yet, but one of their tenured counter men is my friendly next door neighbor, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't give me bad advice.
  14. I never touched the anti lock sensors, and doubt you will have to either. The fronts are just like non anti lock brakes, except my Regal has a seemingly complicated caliper mount. It seems the caliper is mounted to a steel form, which is then mounted to the knuckle. You can get the caliper out without removing the mount attached to the knuckle. but you have to remove both to get the rotor off. Still, you don't have to touch the antilock sensors. There was a previous thread on unbalanced brakes, and some one said that if the shoes get brake fluid on them ( like from a leaky wheel cylinder) then the brake will actually grab faster and harder than a dry brake shoe. I don't know if this is true but it causes me to think you should check the pads first. Any good mechanic would ensure the sliders were cleaned and lubricated when installing pads. Perhaps one of the pads became contaminated with the lubricant? Good luck.
  15. Thanks for the reply. As it was I bought a pump for the old girl last summer when I thought mine was the root cause of a knock. Of course it wasn't but it's too late to do anything about that now.
  16. Wow, you got a big set of em all right. Of course your Buick is much more special than the VP's Corvette, but lets face it, this was the VP man... You should have let him have his way and brag about his vette...Unless you are planning to jump ship anyway. Actually, I'm just kidding, but...S A good friend of mine took his Skylark to his towns first ever annual famly picnic. They were having a show for any resident who wanted to bring a car. So a bunch of Vette owners show up and only three other cars. Part of the festivities was a parade of all the cars in the show. So what happens? The vette owners protested. They didn't want to ride with non-vettes... What a bunch of stuffed shirts. I'd take your 55 anyday of the week over that borevette.
  17. I got mine at my local NAPA store last summer. I bought a universal set with the 90 degree sparkplug boot, but then had to specify the straight boot at the cap end. These were readilly available. John d
  18. Can you explain how to use that homemade tool? I tried to rebuild my pump once but the instructions for that tool seemed to apply to the vacuum side of the pump, and I never did feel I had gotten that right. I think that was shown by decent fuel delivery but my wipers were very unreliable.
  19. I have a 93 Regal with the 4 wheel disc brakes, and I would recommend you try freeing up and lubricating the sliders on the stuck caliper. The rear calipers remove in a similar fashion to the fronts, but the big difference is the parking brake hook-up. I did not have to disconnect the parking brake cable. But remove the studs and it swings right up. If you go to replace the pads, then you will need a tool to "screw" the pistons back in. On my 93, I usually pull off the rotor, and the old pads then reattach ( without tightening too much) the caliper on it;s holder. Then using the tool you can push on the tool and ratchet the piston at the same time to get it back in place. I have also put a large prybar behind the tool and then turned it to give added leverage. On some cars I understand the lever for the parking brake would have to be removed, but this is not so on the 93 Regal. Of course if it is the barking brake cable hanging up causing the pulling problem, then it's another whole story. But my 93's was not hard to replace either. Good luck.
  20. Thanks for posting these photos. While I don't have a 54, I find this very interesting considering the demise of the Buick City plant.
  21. If I recall corectly, the Carter and Rochester carbs will fit on the manifold. However, watch the manifold gasket. The manifold has a narrow bolt pattern (compared to 57 and up) but the exhaust passage hole to the base of the carb swings wide, and general kits may not have the gasket that fits this mounting area. Also, the linkage is adjustable at the point it connects to the carb, which you will need to fiddle with if you change to the Rochester carb.
  22. Vinyl roofs are a PIA. Stick with paint.
  23. I'm very interested in these posts as I have a similar problem as of late with my 56. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't partially todays gasoline blends. Perhaps they vaporize at lower temps? But I was thinking of replacing my fuel line with a home made custom one, so I can get the line up out of that valley. I'm also thinking of blocking the exhaust crossovers on the intake manifold. I have to pull it anyway since it sounds like the exhaust port cover plate may have deteriorated and needs replacement. Has anyone else blocked these ports and if so what material worked and what didn't?
  24. I received a recent e mail with a much better idea about how to impact the gas prices than a one day boycott. A one day boycott is ineffective because sooer or later you will still have to buy gas. Maybe the way to go ( as per this e mail) is to boycott one supplier, for weeks or months. As the law of supply and demand go, if one has a big supply with no demand, then the price will usually receed to the level that there is demand again. So if we all stopped buying gas from one supplier, then their supply would maximize and if they wanted to get some income, they'd be forced to reconsider their price. When ( and if) they reduced their price, then we would go to them and boycott the next supplier, till the scenario repeats itself. Now this is an idea which could work. I don't know about in your state but the Mobil stations where I live are consistently higher in price than most others with the notable exceptions of Citgo. I would be glad to boycott these stations till all their milk in their mini marts went sour!
  25. I had a three core radiator made last summer. At first the car was right then it started to creep upwards again. Later, for unrelated reasons, I drained the radiator and while it was dry, I noticed there was crud on top of the cores again. I had the radiator disassembled, and all the cores cleaned, then I got a in top hose filter from TEBKS enterprises. This is a fellow in the Riviera Club from Australia. The filter is easy to install, and I left my heater disconnected so none of the coolant could possibly circulate back into the radiator. This filter is pretty neat. It has a screw on cap and a stainless steel filter with plenty of screen holes so as to provide sufficient flow. Meanwhile I can't believe the crap it has caught. I also agree with the other poster, who recommended pulling the freeze plugs. There are alos two pet-cocks on the block. You may be able to unscrew these without messing with the plugs first. If the hole is covered over with a layer of rust, then you really need to pull the plugs and flush the bottom of the motor out. Good Luck