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  1. Beautiful car... I wish I could afford this one... JD
  2. Okay! Now you have me intrigued...I gonna try to make a video of the 56 running. How do I get to post it to that site? BTW, the car does sound very nice!!! Great job! JD
  3. I don't know the answer but this would have been a great trivia question. I Can't wait to see the answer. It's not vey tall is it? Looks like it is placed directly under the axle which might send it way back to the teens when axles were exposed. JD
  4. Thanks for the positive assessment on the 56 Paul. I feel it is far from mint however. I just seem to have some elusive rattles which I know I could find if I could just find the time to work on the car more. But with winter here, and an unheated garage, I just don't have a lot of desire to lay on the ground underneath this ole girl. Then when Spring comes along, I'd rather drive... The classic dilemna...
  5. I had Damper Doc in California do mine. JD
  6. You should probably ask that question over on the Riviera Owners Association. Lots of members have these cars. But I would have to ask, how do you think a low milage car came to have a bad transmission? Note these cars generally do not have the 6 position odometer, so I would think if the car has a blown tranny it was either beat hard, or flooded, or it has turned over 100K at least. Just my .02 JD
  7. The screwdriver as a stethescope does work, however I recommend checking NAPA and Advance auto or any other parts store in your neighborhood, for a mechanics stethescope. I got mine for $3.00 and it is far superior to the screwdriver technique. For one thing, you can watch what your putting the pickup on instead of turning your head sideways to get your ear on the handle of the screwdriver. This is very handy when diagnosing things by the fan belts, if you catch my drift... For another it is much longer and allows for penetration deeper in the engine compartment. It's one of those thing you'll always wonder how you got along with out it.
  8. I didn't think there was dual exhausts on any of the models in 55. Perhaps you mean a 56 which could have duals on all models but came standard with 60, 50 and 70 series engines? JD
  9. If there is a clog in the flex line, it must be in the Right front. That would be holding brakes closer to the drum on that side and causing the rt front to lock up before the shoes come into play on the other wheels.
  10. I'm surprised some of the 38 owners haven't chimed in here. Perhaps I can help with a little introduction of what's "special" about this thread. You see, Paul here is a senior in High School. 17, right Paul? And He has inherited his fathers 38 Buick special two years ago. He is working on the car to restore it as his dad would have liked to have done, and he is somewhat new to automotive mechanics, having just about a year with this baby under his belt right now. Paul, maybe you can list off some of the things you have done to the car, and some of your concerns about what else to do, in short descriptions, so others can get a feel for what you have tackled. I know Paul needs the help of some 38 owners to guide him in the charistics of this car since his dad can't do that and since these fine cars are so different from modern plastic press and stick cars. Won't some of you give him the benefit of your experience while he takes this journey? Thanks John De Fiore Director Upstate NY Chapter.
  11. I hope others chime in here. It certainly sounds like a lifter. I still wouldn't put in anything extra till it's looked at. If it's a piece of dirt blocking a lifter, an additive may have to thin the oil to fix it. What do you think that would do to your nice new bearings? If it was spark knock you would not hear it all the time, so octane booster may not be right, so where do you start with additives? And when do they begin to counteract each other and cause problems by mix and matching? Who knows! Here's something to think about. I had a problem with my harmonic balancer on my 56. According to the tech bulletins on some cars the crank was not machined right and the result was the balancer would not seat properly with just the conical washer. the fix was a wide mouth washer ( local hardware store $.15 please) underneath the conical washer. The engine clicked like mad. I went absolutely crazy trying to find this click and ruined my balancer in the process. But I do say clicked vs tap of the lifters. Two different distinct sounds. Not saying this is your problem but obviously all the additives in the world would not fix my car because the problem was engine related, but outside the engine. So I'd caution to have it diagnosed before trying anything simple like an additive. Just my .02 JD
  12. Welcome back James. The kind of noise you describe could be a few things that sound like the valves. It could be an exhaust leak for instance. I think we will need some additional detail of the noise. Like when does it first start? When ( if ever) does it go away? Do you hear it all the time, or just when the car is moving or under a load ( like going uphill after warm-up). Does it lose power when this occurs? One thing I would not recommend is looking right away for a gas additive to fix this, until it is properly diagnosed. While you're at it, tell us if the car runs at the correct temperature after thorough warm up. JD
  13. The search is fun...Good luck. JD
  14. I would also recommend checking the rim('s) especially if you have radial tires on there. I had a situation with losing hubcaps on one rim. Shortly thereafter the bead broke on that rim. Just weakened from age, rust and spilled battery acid too. Anyway if your rims are flexing under use, I would think that may cause lugs to loosen. JD
  15. Okay. I understand all the bets have been placed in Lasvegas. What did you decide to buy? JD
  16. I remember seeing a 70 or 71 Skylark convertible with a red 350 engine/ 4 Bbl and on the valve covers it had a decal that said "high compression". This was a more than a few years ago ( maybe 1996 or thereabouts). I thought that odd at the time and never followed it up but I recall it distinctly. It certainly looked to be an original car in it's entirety. JD
  17. I recommend two things. First, check the brake shoes on that wheel for stains from water or leaky wheel cylinder. If the shoes get "wet" they can grab as indicated or slide as in no braking at all. Second check the flex line to that wheel. Perhaps it is deteriorated. Also, I have heard you should not mix DOT 3 fluid with Silicone. I think most conversions to silicone would be done when everything in the hydraulic system was replaced at the same time, so as to ensure there was no contamination of the fluid. Not sure if this is the problem or not, but just wanted to mention it. JD
  18. There was a licences plate somewhere on there? JD
  19. I'd leave out those additives, and run a short while without it. JD
  20. I think there is a really cheap one lying in shallow water somewhere between Cuba and Maimi. Green if I recall correctly. Low milage. Unfortunately it sank while on it's maiden voyage, not unlike the Titanic except with no loss of innocent life. JD
  21. This is an outrage!!! The car is bad enough, but the dealer ought to be castrated for letting service people like that work there. Here's a scary thought for ya...This country seems to be leading to two major industries... Research and development ( they are closing all the factories) and customer service ( this includes waiters/ waitresses, and all the other retail $5.00 per hour jobs that kids have to take today) and this is what they allow for customer service? And meanwhile the Pontiac technicians are just waiting for the next intake gasket job to come in so they can charge flat rate and beat the clock... It is sad, sad, sad!!! I'm mad as Heck ( sp ) and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!! Whew! Glad I got that off my back. Now where's the keys, I'm going to Friendly's for some expensive ice cream and snotty waitresses... JD
  22. What do you think jonnyopa? That article seems to indicate that this black sweetheart represents an artists rendition as opposed to an inhouse Buick made design. I think the car looks great...Just as nice as that riv concept. And it is nice to see a hot rod magazine extolling the virtues of this marquee. JD
  23. The oil filter leak is most likely the improper seal from putting the new gasket over pieces of the old one. I would think you have no choice but to pull the filter and rescrape the old gasket better. Smoke from the breather may dissappear after some use. JD
  24. It's probably the keyboards fault. If the keys hadn't been so out of order on there, that wouldn't have happened. LOL JD
  25. I never paid attention to what went into designing this system. This is a lot of work and hats off to the people who managed to put it together. It certainly seems more than fair to me. Then again, I will most likely never have any of my cars judged because they are all too far from original ( archival) condition and I don't think I have the $$$ to restore any of them to that level required for any awards. Still, I do drive them and will continue to do so. See you in Minnesota. JD