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  1. I agree Keith, That is a very nice car. The 54's are so nice. does it have frameless vent windows like the convertibles Pete? JD
  2. Looks like a sweet car. I would say the chrome tips indicate it has been cared for by an enthusiast since they were not original equipment. But picking a value to throw at the car is always tough. I see snow there, so how is the underside? And at 99K chances are you'll be looking at a timing chain and gear replacement. So if it has issues in either of these places I would say it's worth $1,900 to 3 K to me. If both of these have been done I might be tempted up a little more but I would not go over 4K personally as there are other cars I would rather have. But that's just me. Good Luck JD
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but someone ran a 56 Special Wagon one year, right? Do you know what was the oldest car to run at one of these meets? JD
  4. I think last year it was 600 + cars in Batavia. The Buick Nationals are what you make of it, just like your corvette show I imagine. The thing about the Buick show is the diversity. The years of Buicks far outnumbers the Corvettes, and it is always neat to see numerous vehicles of the same model show up side by side. It was especially fun this year due to inclusion of the Modified Division and all the cars that showed up there, leanding another dimension to many of the models that did show up bone stock. I think it is also fun to see how much cars have progressed over the span of 103 years.. and yet how much is basically the same. You just won't see that with 53 years of Vettes. I don't know what events occur at the Vette show you attend, but I'm sure you'll find a bit of everything at the Buick show. There is drag racing, concours vehicles, wide array of vendors with lots of parts, conversation with people who are all into the marquee at different levels of committment, and usually there are some tours, be they organized or customized to the individual. Photo ops, friends, repairs, polishing, and if Buick is still with us, usually a nice display of Buick concept stuff. What did I miss fellas?
  5. Can you attach a photo of the manifolds? I do have a set of 56 manifolds which I am holding onto for the future, but I will try to dig them out tomorrow and post a picture as well. Then we can see them side by side. JD
  6. Since you are going to have to have custom pipes made for this anyway, can you just use your original manifolds? JD
  7. I was thinking he was smelling burnt oil from the tube, not exhaust gas. I remember my 56 smoking a lot from that tube one time. This was after bringing it to life from a long rest. After changing the oil and driving the car a while it just stopped, and today it does't blow any smoke at all, but I never understood exactly what caused the condition in the first plcae. JD
  8. Thanks Wayne. We do love that car. My wife hated it when we first got married. But now she protects it anytime I've mentioned putting it up for sale. And I think she is right. The car needs a lot of work, but driving it is pure satisfaction. Although I must admit I didn't realize I was burning so rich in all these cars. This was a good opportunity to see the current state of tune. Looks like I have some work to do. JD
  9. I haven't romped on it yet. Generally I don't do that sort of thing, however, I would like to do it at least once. I had the carb rebuilt on this car right after I got it. That was in the winter of 03-04. I didn't use it much and then I had a problem with the linkage sticking. So I have been reluctant to punch it in case it sticks again. But I did drive it a lot this summer and never had the problem. Plus I've started it numerous times this winter and haven't had a problem, so maybe, if I find a safe place this will be the year. Gee I hope the cops ain't reading this forum. JD
  10. I suggest you try Ken reeves of Wheatbelt Automotive. He has a lot of Buicks and I got a 56 HArmonic balancer from him. JD
  11. I would think the best thing to do is find out why you have so much seepage from this tube. I have to ask all, what causes this smokey condition in the engine. I thought it was overfilling the crankcase or incorrect timing causing overheating. Am I even on track? JD
  12. Okay, I got things straightened out and edited my original post. The links ought to work now and I got the Electra up there too. Wonderful things these computers. JD PS: in case you don't want to go back up to the top of this thread, here are the links againg JD
  13. Yes, some of them will do movies without sound. Meanwhile, I apologize to anyone trying to download the video clips. I discovered the clips can be significantly shortened thereby creating additional space on the web site host to put more movies. I had to drop the GS movie to upload the new one and was in the middle of doing so when the web host site went down. I'll be posting new links to the videos as soon as I can get back in to upload the edited clips. Sheesh! Technology... JD
  14. Thanks for the compliment Carl & Wayne. I have to find another source for uploading the two I have of the Electra. That one sounds bad, as in great ( at least to me). Wayne, these videos are made with my digital camera. Some camera's can record short video. Mine is a Cannon A 60 and can do up to 3 minutes of video if I have a big enough Compact flash card in it.
  15. Forget about sound in a modern car. If you heard one GM V6, you heard them all, unless you have a last gen Riviera which you can't hear at all. But that has it's own sound ( at least mine does) which is the soft whine of the supercharger. Just audible inside if the windows are closed. I don't know what it sounds like on the outside. JD
  16. I just love those 65 Wildcat grilles. They look so perfectly engineered. I just wish they had done more for the taillights, but I'd still love to have one of them no matter what they looked like. Thanks for posting the ad's. That's neat with the aisian lettering.
  17. Okay, Zonda got me intrigued with this, so I went outside and made some video's yeaterday. While I was at it, I took the opportunity to drive em all around a bit too. Besides these videos ( which may take a few moments to load using this service) I was thinking how weird it felt to drive so many models of car in such a short period of time. I started with Dougs' 89 Lesabre T type. Smooth car, tight feel to the steering and suspension. More than adequate brakes. A nice car. Then went to the 95 Riv. Smooth, responsive, tight steering great brakes, this car feels like a glove. It seems to be an extension of your personality Then the 69 GS. Tight steering, virtually flat ride. Power at the tip of the pedal. good brakes but not as sure footed as the Riv or T type. Then the 56... What can you say... Floating is about the best description. After the others, loose steering, wallowing in the curves ( not bouncy) plenty of power and good brakes. Except for creaks and groans you can hear the exhaust in this one plainly. Each car is a great experience. I think I'll keep my three at least... Anyway, here's some links to the exhaust tunes I recorded. I now have the Electra's file up loaded too. Enjoy Chime in with your own. Not much sounds better than a Buick in my opinion.
  18. I found the problem. But it may take a few days to get them uploaded. I'll start a new thread when I have them ready to share.
  19. How sad... Maybe they just wanted to retire and couldn't find anyone to take over for them? JD
  20. Not to get religious but... <span style="font-weight: bold">Alleluia</span> [color:\\"red\\"]
  21. I just sent a post to them and directed them back to here.
  22. I got my videos done but seems like I'm having trouble gettin them uploaded. JD
  23. I think the roof has to be painted. I've noticed there wasn't much paint underneath mine on my 69 Electra. So even if I were to put on a new vinyl top right away ( and I wont), I would still want a good coat of paint under that vinyl. Just my .02
  24. The GS is really nice. It only has 30K on it right now. It was in sad condition when I got it and I did do some refurbishment to it. One thing I did was have a 4 row radiator core installed. Last summer I took it to Syracuse and then to Batavia. This is the first time I have actually put 2500 miles on one of my classics in one year. And I could only smile each and everyone of them in that GS, even when I got sunburnt on the Thruway riding with the top down coming home from Batavia, and also when I got wet riding the same way home from Syracuse. Think Spring!! JD