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  1. Third from the left: " I'm the lightest so it will be easier to push if I drive" Last on the right: " You're the youngest so you should have the most energy. besides, You drove last time the Buick wouldn't start. It's my turn!" 2nd from the left: " Girls, quit your bitchin. It's my car so you're both pushing, and thats final!" Granny on the Left, thinking to herself: " I can't believe I ate the whole thing! (( burp))... Third from the right, Thats disgusting Granny!!!!
  2. The 54/55 dash board is absolutely GREAT!!! That's what I liked most about the car. I agree that 56 radio delete panel is odd. I can't imagine why they would have spent more money to move those controls just because the radio isn't in there. Sort of takes away the savings of deleting the radio , from the manufactures perspective.
  3. Read your manual on this before running anything else through there. I would think the rocker arm assembly can come off in one piece and if so, THEN you could try running kerosene through the rocker arm assembly. But don't do it while on the motor. Also be careful if you decide to take the entire rocker arm assembly apart. Lay this outon a bench so that all the parts go back in the order they came off from. Watch for orientation of springs, washers and the rocker assemblies. Good Luck JD
  4. Thanks for posting the pic Mr. Earl. I wanted to see that car but couldn't get the link to work. That car looks great! Then again, I am one of those who is partial to gold cars. JD
  5. Did you see that under-seat heater. Brings back memories of the 55 special when I was a mere boy of 5 or 6 yrs old. Crouching down on the rear floor boards on cold nights for a blast of heat. I wonder why they stopped putting heaters under there. I remember the back seats on some 60's and 70's were rather cold. At least till I was of dating age that is. JD
  6. I'm hedging on 2007 in Seattle. Finances may prevent me from going to that one. But my post was meant for Rochester Minnesota. JD
  7. Whew! I thought you were gonna say she popped when you folder the seat belt over her lap. JD
  8. My son and I are driving in from Albany NY. We plan to try and make it to the Microtel outside Cleveland on Sunday night. From there to Chicago, where I may pick up my wife at one of the airports on Monday night, then drive into Rochester MN on Tuesday to arrive in the afternoon. Does that meet up with anyone? JD
  9. Hey Roberta, I wonder what goes on at the meetings. I mean... do the participants ever talk about giving the public what they want in a car? Does Management ever ask what does the public want in a car? Do any of the workers or management ( other than a few enthusiasts like yourself) even know about forums such as these where enthusiasts for Buicks pine for and describe what they want in cars today? Please know that I do not in any way, shape, or form, intend for this comment to be a reflection on you, or any type of criticism of you. I just wonder... Does GM management consider this type of forum to be suitable market research about what the public wants in a car? If not, how do we get to them to express our opinions? JD
  10. Zonda, See what's possible? You won't ever regret getting that 38. JD
  11. Getting back to the white walls, did you get new tubes? JD
  12. I thought it was the dash on the Honda Hybrid! And the pedals on the floor are for the chain and sproket to the drive wheel burried underneath the thing... JD
  13. I had to have tubes put in my 56 also. In my case they were radial tubes which I bought in Flint Michigan during the Centenial Meet. They were only $12.00 apeice. Make sure yours are good or your carrying 4 spare tires. Believe me, multiple flats on one trip are not a lot of fun. JD ps: What's with the Tach? Buicks have a sound to them that tells you the engine speed. You'll see what I mean when you get it out on the road. It becomes a sixth sense.
  14. The Service Department is the most valuable part of a dealers operation. It is a shame what goes on in some of them. I have seen managers who belittle customers because they didn't call a part by it's right name. What are they trying to prove anyway? I am basically gun-shy about buying a new car because of sour Service Departments.
  15. Norb, what did you have to do to fix the door? When I took off that panel I cringed looking up there. It looks like the easiest way to fix this is to pull out the entire dash board. Of course in my case I think it is the head unit alone because I can see the motor turn the door all the way over and then back off. I do have a spare unit I got from a junkyard. I just need to put new light bulbs in it and then I can swap them out. Of course changing these light bulbs is a real PIA. But it is do-able. JD
  16. Here is the picture I promised.
  17. Several things you might check. Look to see if there is a bleeder valve on top of the thermostat housing. If so, when the engine is warmed up , open the bleeder a turn or two till it spits out antifreeze then shut the valve. This will let any air out of the top of the engine. If you do have air at the top of the engine, you should investigate why. Did you recently have the water pump replaced? If so maybe it just wasn't filled right ( ie this bleeder procedure). However, if you have not had any work done recently, I would take the vehicle to a garage and ask them to do a pressure test. There are several places that can be a problem and I don't want to panic you but driving the car with air at the top of the motor is not a good idea with these alloy engines. Another thing to check is if the temperature control is working right. For some reason my 93 Regal with dual heat controls is malfunctioning this winter on one side only. When I slide the heat control to full heat, I can watch the electric motor first turn to open that door, then back off a bit, resulting in reduced heater output. But back off the slide control by one notch, and the heater works fine. It's too cold to dig into that just now since I have heat at this setting. I would recommend you warm the car up and experiment with this. And yes, these are electric motors. There is the possibility that the cold is affecting them at those negative ambient temperatures. However I suspect it may be that the seals on the internal air doors are freezing to the ducts because of dirt or dust, and then opening once the car is shut off and heat from the heater core soaks the system thus thawing things out. For this you may want to have someone raise the car on a lift and check the drains for the A/C. Perhaps this is plugged causing a little flood inside the system. If none of that works, park it till the weather warms for sure. No point in getting the flu because of a car heater. Good Luck
  18. Oh boy, I apologize. I did look up the wrong car. However the pictures sure told a nice story. I would have loved to have that car. JD
  19. I would suggest contacting Mike and Nancy Book, the office managers for the BCA.
  20. Alan, What would you want for the project?
  21. I just looked that car up, and the production run is 1,350. I kinda hope you change your mind about cutting it up. JD
  22. You might consider posting this on the various web sites dealing with modified cars. There is a "modified" forum here, which is good, and sites like V8 Buick . com and Buickthunder may link you with others that have worked on some things like this. I'd say good luck but isn't that particular car extremely rare? Are you sure you want to do this? JD
  23. Dropping the pan is a sure fire way to make a nice mess. If at all possible, you could go to Home Depot, or equavilent) and buy a large plastic tub for mixing cement. This ought to be big enough to get under the entire transmission for the task. Then loosen and remove every other screw on the pan. Next, start from one corner (which ever is easiest for your application) , remove the screws from the corner and then loosen but do not remove the rest of the screws. If your gasket is holding everything together, the pan will not drop. You may have to break the seal from the corner where you removed the bolts first. The objective here is to let the pan down slowly in one corner so the fluid pours out in a controlled fashion into your receptacle. You may want to watch out for the situation where you break the seal and the pan drops off entirely all at once because all the bolts were loosened too much. Good luck JD
  24. Hey there Paul. The valve guide is metal, and has a hole machined in the center for the valve stem to ride up and down. The Valve guide is pressed into the head, then the valve is installed, then the seal goes areound the valve stem, and over the top of the valve guide. Then the valve spring, then the top washer on the spring and then the keepers to hold the entire assembly together. That tool discussed is a great idea. It is a spring compressor and it would allow this job to be done without removing the valve head. Maybe someone has one of them and can lend it to you? JD
  25. It would be nice to know this. We have never gotten our 93 Regal so low that the light came on. I often suspect it is broken as it seems the guage goes pretty far down before I panic and gas up. The lowest I had the car was to 3 gallons left and the light did not come on. JD